25 Jul 2008 @ 6:04 

After nearly ten months on the market, and a market that declined incredibly, during that ten months, we have a signed contract on our home in Washington state. I know, it is not sold until closing is over, but that could be as soon as the 15th.

I would love to say that meant our RV would be forthcoming, but the market dropped so much, that though our original price was deemed correct for that market, we had to bring it down over the months, we lost 49K by waiting to long to put it on the market – and that was earmarked toward our RV.

On the bright side, we got through it, it looks like it will now be sold, and we can breathe a bit easier. We are trying very hard not to dwell on what could have been, but be grateful, for so many others either did not sell even after years or had to change locations and could not pay for both houses at the same time.

My mind is racing trying to come up with an alternate plan to still reach our dream in a reasonable amount of time, though reasonable in my mind is, quite honestly, this past May. Yes, I am a dreamer and at times less a realist than I should be, I suppose.

But, for now, the ongoing strain, both on the surface and simmering beneath, has eased for both of us. For those of you still struggling to sell, I feel for you, and I wish you luck, there are people out there wanting houses, some just can’t afford what is out there.

Now, do we hold out for a Born Free or look for something lower priced? Do we just get a Class B with a Mercedes diesel to get the mileage to make the trip corner to corner across the US?

It will be a hard decision, one Leon may have to make for us, because if I had my way, I would have a Mercedes diesel to go back and forth every year since the mileage is so much better — and a Born Free to keep in WA for our actual RVing, we won’t be visiting much South other than passing through because of the fire ant issue… his allergy is too strong. And, of course, in my dreams, we would, also, have property at either Lake Tyee (beautiful views and huge lake to kayak on) or Lost Lake RV Resort (small lake, but redone recently and really well kept up when we visited) — and on the ocean in Florida… And, to continue the dream: two lots at the first two, park models on one lot each. We have our floor plans picked out.

Ah, dreams are great aren’t they? They put smiles in our hearts.

Now, to learn how to turn dreams into goals and make the goals a reality. I’m practicing! Are you? I sure hope so.

Posted By: Marcia
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  1. Jeff says:

    I’d vote for Lost Lake RV Resort…

    Jeff… Owner…

  2. Marcia says:

    Jeff, your RV resort is BEAUTIFUL. I fell in love with it the day we visited it a year or two ago, you were upgrading the electric, clearing new sites. The workkampers you had at the gate and giving us our tour were friendly and full of information, both current at the time and future plans. We even hung around afterward more carefully eying sites. I had emailed you with one question afterward and you responded immediately.

    We were just exploring options back then, not even realizing yet it was truly a future possibility. I wish we had purchased a lot back then while they were cheaper, but that is how it goes with real estate.

    Your (and obviously your staff’s) attention to detail was quite evident.

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