18 May 2009 @ 16:18 

It has been established we would love to RV between WA and FL, had hoped to do it sooner, but it turned out public insurance adjusting does not always move quite as fast as we had imagined. (Yes, oh son of ours, you were correct.) So leaving each summer would not be a wise move for us — yet. We processed, chewed on, and swallowed that — without choking too much.

We wanted to get an RV and live in it down here rather than spend money on rentals, but there are not any parks that we either like or can afford close enough to the area Leon wants to be. That we processed, chewed on, and swallowed – finally, but we had a few coughing fits getting it down.

With our lease coming up and wanting an RV to ‘run from the storms’ if it were to be an active tropical season, we pulled out the “buy RV now plan” and rehashed it. Man oh man, it caused us a few more coughing fits, but in the end, living an extra hour and a half away from his offices and clients, considering the number of trips he makes to each, we finally forced it down.

And you know what? Though I constantly read, ‘go for your dream now,’ and do understand that ‘if you don’t go for it now — it could be too late,’ I, also have confidence we won’t get caught up in the ‘wait until the perfect time’ thing that trips most everyone up. I am far too impatient to wait for perfection, and I know it does not exist. And, though it took years to plant the RVing thought in Leon (or bring it out, whichever applies), it took hold.

So, we’ll just save a bit more money and then Leon can clean toilets at campgrounds if he wants – as long as I don’t have to — and as long as they are in the Pacific Northwest – but no more than four days a week, we will have hiking and kayaking and farmers markets to visit.

Yeah, our RV dream life will come — hopefully sans the toilet cleaning, but the Pacific Ocean and the Mountains are worth it to Leon – and as long as he washes his hands before he grabs that RV handle, it’s OK with me, too.

For now, I’m just living one of my other dreams; doesn’t really matter which one for the moment, as long as it is one of them. Yeah, some have more weight than others, but does that matter when you aren’t trying to shed any? (Could not resist, sorry.) For today, I will just enjoy the view of rain clouds and waves breaking!

Breaking Waves, Atlantic Ocean
Breaking Waves, Atlantic Ocean

Dream, it is healthy. Go for the ones you can, prepare for the ones just out of reach – otherwise you might not grab them when it’s time. And while you are making excuses to not go for your dream, check out Tales of Technomadia’s series, “Answers to Common Excuses not to Travel Full Time.” I’ve loved reading it.

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  1. Bone says:

    Good for you!

    I just love the whole sentiment of this post. I wonder how many people spend their whole lives thinking of excuses not to go after their dream. (And I’m speaking directly to myself, first and foremost.)

    Thanks, Bone. A few excuses still sneak in, but I am getting pretty good at smashing them back to “from whence they came” – and leaving them a little weaker for future attacks.- MMB

    Bones last blog post..That time my nipple was on fire

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