22 Mar 2010 @ 11:02 

Too much to do between former procrastination on taxes and everyday life, researching a car, and still searching for items for RV Panoply’s revision. Thus, no blogging.

Our son granted us his driveway, again, so we could work on RV Panoply. He coordinated a painter to finish sealing nearly every sealable surface in the rig, including inside the cabinets, so Leon could concentrate on earning a living.

Sealing most of the materials that off gas really helped! (More info in a separate post.) We left the dinette booths and the floors for us to seal.

Leon cut the rear facing one down first. A pain because he cut it in place since it is secured from the outside, beneath the aluminum RV frame. We wanted to keep the integrity of that anchoring system. It took power saw and hand saw, much twisting and turning. Just need to add angle irons or wood blocks to anchor the side to the back and front. Then the ragged edges of panels will be tucked tightly beneath trim.

It is as I wanted it. YAY! (Yes, I am aware I lost storage. I may regret it in the future, but that just gives me an opportunity to scheme again. (Don’t tell Leon I said that, please. He is about to his limit of my schemes after 35 plus years of being the one to tweak and build them.)

Cut into two pieces:

Lazy Daze Dinette booth in half

Our new one person booth seat:

Lazy Daze, now mini dinette booth photo

The seat itself is 24″ plus the side piece. It was supposed to be 25″, but we changed which pieces interlocked with which- just as he began cutting – and forgot to allow for the difference it would make.

What is that rule? Measure twice, cut once….

It is actually an inch plus larger than the cab seats, though.

We should not have done that one first. Why? Because when we pulled up the piece of carpet beneath the other, 31″ booth that is made to expand to seat two, we discovered an electrical junction box that would have been in the walkway had we cut it back. Not only that, but the way the booth is made because it slides, they would not have been identical and I completely dislike symmetry gone awry – unless it is obvious asymmetry. What to do?

Redesign table to give a ‘reason’ for the disparate booth widths, of course! Done. In our heads, that is, but completion of the table will come last.

Coming up: First safety items purchased for our RV; sink replacement; new Flexsteel cab seats; AM solar to be installed in Florida; portable macerator; sofas/beds to match the one at home; flooring; EyeTV 250 Plus; desk; food pantry; skinny pantry; car decision; and more.

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