20 Apr 2010 @ 11:52 

For years, I never fought my procrastination. I’m trying now – occasionally. Not often enough, judging by the few posts I’ve made in recent months.

I could make excuses, I have been online searching for:

  • sink to replace the cracked RV one (thousands of sinks later and not one that is what I need – or want)
  • no VOC flooring

And then there is the packing as we are moving into our son’s rental property, but other people move and raise kids and have fun and blog at the same time. Of course, I have spent a lot of time creating lists….

Do I follow them? No. My joy is in creating them. At least now, most of my lists are on the hard drive rather than on bits of paper that a tree sacrificed itself for.

One list I have followed and because I have, I’ve been supporting online retailers! Since Panoply, our RV, will be our full time home part time, I am getting anything I deem a health or safety related item ordered now. Dishes or cute little pillows? No! We will make do with what we have.

But, I refuse to compromise on these:

  • no or low chemical items for flooring, curtains, and sofa/bed mattresses
  • new technology fire extinguishers (and more of them)
  • LED tail lights (so much brighter)
  • tire pressure monitoring system
  • extra smoke detectors and another propane alarm

My biggest frustration with myself? I am quite capable of organizing almost anything. It is following through with the plan where I fall apart.

Today, I took one step forward. I typed this instead of sitting in front of the TV procrastinating. Oh, and I deleted about 100 links to products I have no intention of really needing or buying.

And one more important duty to stop procrastination on: I am in the next minute installing the free virus checker for Mac, ClamXav. It’s about time. Then I really should start packing

Posted By: Marcia
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