14 Jun 2010 @ 23:48 

Finally, all five AMSolar panels are installed. 600 AH of battery storage, 500 A in solar panels – and all the stuff that goes with them. Full details to follow.

The custom sofa/bed mattresses were ordered along with the rear camera and monitor. (Vendors, info on great customer service, and links to follow.)

But – the RV stinks. It is considerably worse in late afternoon if closed up, because heat and humidity cause off gassing to increase. Overwhelmed me yesterday. Panolply is still off gassing horribly, in part, because we opened up areas that are normally sealed off, in part because the old seats still retain the formaldehyde, etc. that had escaped previously.

The pantry that had been completely sealed with AFM’s Hardseal and had remained closed for months – it was like a breath of fresh air when I opened it. So, there is hope. And, yes, I am more sensitive to odors than most, but even Leon is bothered by it.

We are taking out the stove so we can seal the off gassing paneling behind it and the area that held the drawers – and we may cut out the drawer area of the wardrobe so we can eliminate more of the paneling that won’t seal – and get at the back side of the other paneling. We already removed the wardrobe doors, and I think Leon is going to go along with my idea to leave them off. I have an idea to keep stuff hidden and also from falling out.

The seats are ready to be installed. Do we dare? I’m afraid they will suck in those chemicals and never let go of them, but the dealer has been more than patient while the RV was stuck on the other coast so long.

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  1. I hope you can remove the stink! That formaldehyde is insidious stuff. It sounds as if progress is good, though. Got my fingers crossed that it all happens soon for you.
    .-= This Eclectic Life´s last blog ..These Boots Aren’t For Walking =-.

    • Marcia says:

      Shelly, when it heats up and the humidity climbs – it is horrible – other times it is OK for a normal person, not for me, but overall, progress, yes… Thanks for the thoughts!

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