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Daddy, before me:

Daddy, with my cousin, before me. I’m pretty sure that is a grandfather of mine in background, but I didn’t remember my cousin being that much older than me that he was still alive…. (I know, to most of you that is pathetic, but they all died before I was born.) I love this picture ’cause I loved Daddy in that hat and it is looking toward the lot next to our home in NC at the time, all those trees. No, I don’t remember living there – other than one or two things – but it was a beautiful brick house with all those trees scattered around.

Today, my dad, William L. McLees, Sr., would have been ONE HUNDRED years old – but vicious Alzheimers took him in the mid 90s. Sucked for everyone, but mostly for him. No sugar coating that.

However, that doesn’t stop me from being in awe at the words “one hundred”, not sure why, but today I am emotional over it. For years, I have not been. I have remembered my dad with smiles not tears. (Don’t read into this, there were moments…. scattered along the years.)

We did not have the “daddy’ relationship a few people have, nor did we have a horrible relationship. I think it was a good relationship. I never felt like – and still don’t feel like – I missed anything. He was who he was, I was, and am, who I am – and he was always there when I needed him – without fail. And, I love this picture of the three of us holding hands on the ferry from St. Petersburg to Bahia Beach. I love his shades, grin. And obviously, the pelicans managed not to drop anything that day.

He HATED movie theaters, LOVED golf, liked taking us to the beach, tolerated yard work. I always thought of him as shy, yet, I think that may not have been accurate, a bit introverted (true meaning) may be more like it. I saw how he enjoyed talking to people at the hotel he worked for, the few people he played golf with when he got the chance.

Daddy seemed to have two primary focuses in life – other than Mom, I mean.

One was working to provide for us – ’cause he did NOT believe in a mother working. He was very old school, after all, he was born in 1910. He worked for years after he retired at a menial job to continue providing.

The other was to raise my brother and I – in the way he saw fit – to be decent people. He/they succeeded in the decent people mission, though, Daddy never completely won the battle to do it his way, lol. Mom spoiled us rotten all those years he was working hard – by deed, not by showering us in material goods. From the time we were around 8 and 9, they had barely enough money for any more than true needs, not even a car. But trust me, she would have!

My letter to Daddy last year.

I filed this under “Made a Difference? Yes!” because my dad did!

Happy Birthday, Daddy. Wow, 1910 seems so very long ago. Oh, it was. Say hi to Mom, please. Hope y’all’s vision of heaven was what it turned out to be.

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  1. pia says:

    Wow Marcia this was wonderful as was the letter last year

    I’m thinking 100 is so old and it is. Then I realized my Dad would have been 96 last Feburary! I wish I remembered my parents voices. Almost do!

    Happy 100th birthday to your father who I know is in heaven :) I have the same belief you do

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