24 Jun 2010 @ 21:13 

This was a good week for Panoply. Our new Flexsteel seats for the driver and passenger were installed yesterday! They are so gorgeous and clean white – and – oh, what were we thinking? White?

We have vowed not to eat or drink anything other than water up there — here’s hoping we honor that. But I am as worried about pens; I must make all notes on my iPhone,

The seats are Flexsteel, covered in Ultraleather. We purchased them through and had them installed by Glastop, Inc. in Fort Lauderdale. They are wonderful to work with – and patient. When we explained our solar tech’s need to keep our RV a month more than planned because of a family emergency – they patiently waited – responding with, “family is important”. You cannot ask for more than that. Did I say they were helpful and pleasant? Yeah, I think I did. ; )

Finally, the old seats are out – and they smelled so horrible- no one would believe me unless they experienced it. They had picked up all the off gassing over the years they had the RV before us and whatever else. Something tells me our son’s shed is going to smell pretty rank with this Florida heat pulling the smells out of the old seats. Maybe it will suck out enough that someone will want them. Other than the horrid smell they are in great condition.

Today, Panoply smells sooooo much better!!! There is hope yet. Now on to another project.

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