06 Jul 2010 @ 0:50 

We gave up on an exact fit. I found a sink I could live with after literally looking at thousands online. (Most of that time was spent trying to find a close fit to the opening.)

The original sink was white acrylic, double bowled, so each side was too small. I wanted a single bowl. Guess what?

I found one big enough for my large pasta pan to fit in with room to spare! And the sink is nearly three inches deeper than the RV sink was. (I know, I probably won’t even take the pan with me, but….)

Yes, we are giving up height beneath the sink, but are, also, gaining space by removing the plumbing for the second sink drain.

The existing sink opening is 14.75 x 23, too big for our new sink. Leon dreamed up two possible solutions for solving the obvious, the cut out is too big. Will he be successful? Yes. Will it look good?

Function over beauty is my choice, but you never know, if either of his ideas are successful, I’ll be thrilled with it! I’ll post the brand and store name with pictures when he is finished….

Now to see if I win the faucet battle or not. Leon and the salesperson ganged up against me. They both refused to give an inch that I could/should try to make my favorite faucet work. I need ONE measurement from a manufacturer to be what I am hoping to win. And if I am wrong, it’s going to cost him (us) a lot more to get my second, third, or fourth choices! Because I will not settle for another “style” faucet.

Keep searching for what you need. You will either find it or find something better.

Posted By: Marcia
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