02 Aug 2010 @ 11:26 

Btw, my tag line above was revised today as I want my entire thought in my tag line rather than a ‘read between the lines’ fraction thereof. Can’t see it the way you are reading this post? Here it is:

“Life is lived like poetry is written: though each moment is its own rough draft, we can then ReVisit our past, ReValue our decisions, ReVise our forward path, and ReVitalize our passions.” Marcia M Bogaert

On to the subject at hand. I’ve ignored my blog – and yours – while we have been trying to get work files and personal files scanned, loose ends tied up, research and order products for our future part time-full time RV lifestyle, and get Panoply remodeled enough that we can take our first (ever) RV trip later this year – barring a hurricane hitting here before we leave. If that happens, Leon’s clients take priority to our adventure.

That said, though Leon has not had as much fun as I have during this process, he has had his moments, they usually occur when a project is completed or near completion.

We had the pleasant distraction of our granddog Bella visiting. It was too hot for her to stay outside with us while working on the RV for long periods of time, so I volunteered to go inside to ‘check on her’ often. Which meant, of course, sitting on the floor to pet her and soothe her wounded psyche that ‘grandparents’ ignoring her. : D

I seriously did not get enough done while she was here, but she went home early enough that I did help Leon some.

The closet is shelved!

The first of two bed/sofa frames that slide are cut, drilled, and sealed; MaxxAir Fanmate Rain cover #1 and MaxxAir Window Cover #1 of three are installed so we can air out the RV longer hours; we found what we need to complete our sink installation; the first two LED lightbulbs are installed (Gee, who did that job?); and most all other items needed are at least ordered.

We may get Panoply ready yet! I hope you all are working on your dream project – or have it done and ready to start the next.

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  1. [...] In this post, I posted a pick of the changes Leon made for me to what once was a closet with just one metal hanging rod. It is now all coated wire shelving. [...]

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