08 Aug 2010 @ 22:35 

Leon and I are not that old, or rather have not fallen out of love, so we prefer to sleep together – not that we don’t have our moments….

Panoply has space for an over cab bed that is longer than a true queen bed, but it is closer in width to a full bed. We decided we might prefer a wider bed – and a nontoxic bed. Therefore, we wanted the option to sleep on the sofa/beds in the back.

The original beds had plywood that slid across the plywood storage boxes to meet in the middle. The back cushions then slid down to become part of the mattress, therefore providing a king sized bed. We pulled that plywood out and Leon built new slatted frames for the 32′ wide mattresses, though the front legs are still to be added.

His side has room only for the legs, but my side will have additional storage beneath it for shoes. With his size 13 feet, there were few places to store them. I mean I could have just laced the tennis shoes around the ladder out back, but that would not have been something to be proud of, would it? But then again, his shoes will be beneath my side of the bed. I guarantee baking soda and activated charcoal will be on the shopping list.

The frame is 2×2′s with IKEA birch veneer slats. Each slat is screwed into the 2×2 on the ends, installed with countersunk screws in a way that allows the arched slats to flex a bit. Because they are arched he cut equal amounts from each side of the individual slats after removing the ribbon that held them together.

All wood and slats were sealed with AFM Safecoat Hard Seal as I prefer not to smell the glues and wood used to laminate the slats. This is the same product we sealed the walls and wood throughout Panoply.

Seeing the first bed frame in place was “a moment”… bigger than converting the incandescent bulbs to LEDs.

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