30 Nov 2010 @ 0:17 

Old. Cracked at drain.

Problem 1: Acrylic double bowled sink approximately 16 x 24 – cracked at drain. Hole too big, but counter too small for the stainless sinks I found. And, anyway, I wanted a deeper sink, stainless, big enough for the largest pot in our new Magma set.

Solution Part 1: Spend nigh forever searching through thousands of sinks for the nonexistent, then find a single bar sink that makes me happy. It is a Franke, found at local home improvement store, lol.

Solution Part 2: Brainstorm on how to fit small sink in big hole.

Solution Part 3: Buy small Ikea fold down desk large enough to cover sink hole because we like the wood. Buy two, have plans for second one. Cut to fit, oops. Cut second one to fit. Success!

Problem 2: Find out dream faucet comes too far forward for narrow sink if mounted in ready made holes – and only two holes in sink anyway, can’t center it.

Solution: Mount sink on side of sink toward back – at angle. Faucet end is now near center. I am extremely happy, as I love both symmetry and obvious asymmetry.

Problem 3: Use blanks to cover two extra holes or put in soap dispensers or something, though I normally don’t use the ones I have had at home.

Solution: We chose blanks, like the uncluttered look.

Of course, there was plumbing to redo, multiple trips to the hardware to get correct parts. The bad: sink so deep takes up storage space. The OK: I don’t like to put things beneath sink anyway. The good: gained some storage back since plumbing only one sink rather than two.

New. Installation incomplete, had yet to buy the flat plugs or clean up mess. We LOVE it!

And yes, the sink worked out great, it is bigger than it looks in this picture – and quite deep. A few times I bumped the handle and soaked my sleeve, lol.

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