20 Nov 2011 @ 10:52 

Leon added shelves and little baskets to the inside of the pantry doors for me. We did learn that the small screw heads we used should be changed out to larger ones, one of the shelves slipped the other day. Some day, Leon or I will have time to run buy them and change them.

I am, also, about to add the plastic command picture holders that are like dri-lock to hold three different sizes of ziplocs, hung vertically along the inside edge of the door on the left (facing). You will have to use your imagination for that visual. I needed the space they are taking up in this picture for a stainless water bottle, paper cups, stainless coffee cup.

RV Pantry, RV shelving

Now, I put the paper cups between the stainless on both bottom shelves. Less rattles and banging around that way. And yes, we will probably add another teeny basket on the right side door.  Those little baskets are dirt cheap. The other wire shelves on the doors came in three packs, each one in pack a different configuration. We bought two sets. One shelf was used beneath the kitchen sink.

RV Pantry, RV ShelvingYes, I have loaded that pantry down Added an extra support rod toward back on one side of the horizontal shelves in pantry,probably should add another one. But these shelves survived some pretty rough California roads….

We used baskets like these on some of the pantry shelves…

Pantry organization, RVand one old wire basket from a drawer unit we used to have – only on the bottom surface, because of the weight of the cans…

Pantry organizationI use whatever is handy to keep things from sliding – kitchen towels, boxed food, plastic containers. Have not secured top, shallower shelf contents yet… Let’s just say they have met the floor – or our feet – more than once after a long drive. Another, we will get to it moment. PS. Melamine will break, especially cheap melamine. Only had 2 plates for bbqs. I don’t use it normally. Don’t use it at all now, lol.

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