19 Dec 2011 @ 17:33 

The hope of sunshine peering from dark clouds and reflecting joy

But not always for the worse. Well, except right now I am typing without seeing the keys. It is typing in white apparently since I upgraded WordPress.

We have a new grandchild. Our first! As soon as Leon finishes up his workamping at Amazon.com, we will go meet her! Yes, there is a lot of pink in our future, hers, too! Don’t expect us to have a princess for a granddaughter, though. Her mom has well adapted her tomboy side with her all girl side. I am quite sure her daughter will be as adept! I am sure our son will play his role in helping to round her out, as well.

Yes, our granddaughter was born on December 10th. Is not that the greatest thing?! I have been lax on my knitting, getting used to this RVing life style, and not having access to the yarn and needles I wanted when I had time and patience to work on the booties and hats. And there is the ‘issue’ of new places, new people, new gorgeous views to distract me.

Patience, you ask? It’s like this, I am not a person who can concentrate on anything other than the internet or a good book, lol. I am so easily distracted that I miss a stitch in the pattern, discover it way down the piece and have to rip out. Of course, I do not know the correct way to do that, so invariably I am untwisting or twisting stitches on most or all of the row when I start knitting again. It IS a labor of love, but….

(Hmmm, I had to edit it, you could not read some of my strange typos, lol. It shows up in black on HTML page, but not on visual page. No time to research the problem now!)

I leave you with a vision of hope for good days. I absolutely love this sky – it is the reflection of joy radiating from despair.

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