05 Mar 2013 @ 16:06 

I read recently that people that do two things at once – do not in reality. They are actually just switching their focus quickly from one thing to the other and back. Hmmm, so I suppose all these years that I thought I was doing two things at once I was just extremely fast at changing my focus.

In my case changing focus quickly worked hand in hand with my short attention span for most things. At work, during the afternoon rush, I was “doing more than two things at once” – and usually well. Each job I held required multi-tasking and had built in interruptions. Chaotic – perfect for my short attention span.

The only times I could focus for any length of time have been:

  • reading a novel that flowed well, I sometimes read through the night
  • redesigning the house in my head – or on paper, I could go on all day
  • choreographing a belly dance, I would go on until exhausted
  • writing poetry or my one novel attempt, I would get lost in my words

It dawned on me while writing this post: I spent most of my teenage/adult life multi-tasking. Perhaps my short attention span was more learned than not. I used to talk to Mom’s best friend when she was at the house, music playing, I dancing and carrying on a conversation. I don’t remember it as much as they do, it was natural to me, they found it a bit weird. (OK, it was!) But other than that I was normally lost in a book or studying. Not multi-tasking – hmmmm.

So, time to learn to do one thing at a time, at least sometimes.

Speaking of changes: time to get back to blogging. We have made a lot of changes to Panoply (our RV/home) and have a lot of catching up to do here. I have drafts written, just need to add pictures.

One day at a time, one action at a time.

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 18 Mar 2012 @ 21:32 

The Calming

The atmosphere seems to have parted around us this first year full timing in Panoply. More times than a reasonable person could expect, threatening weather skipped hauntingly past us to throw lightning, hail, or winds at someone else. To say we were grateful would be the cliché understatement.

Do I dare hope for 2012 to go as well? How about I hope the same for you?


Yes, I do!

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 19 Dec 2011 @ 17:33 

The hope of sunshine peering from dark clouds and reflecting joy

But not always for the worse. Well, except right now I am typing without seeing the keys. It is typing in white apparently since I upgraded WordPress.

We have a new grandchild. Our first! As soon as Leon finishes up his workamping at Amazon.com, we will go meet her! Yes, there is a lot of pink in our future, hers, too! Don’t expect us to have a princess for a granddaughter, though. Her mom has well adapted her tomboy side with her all girl side. I am quite sure her daughter will be as adept! I am sure our son will play his role in helping to round her out, as well.

Yes, our granddaughter was born on December 10th. Is not that the greatest thing?! I have been lax on my knitting, getting used to this RVing life style, and not having access to the yarn and needles I wanted when I had time and patience to work on the booties and hats. And there is the ‘issue’ of new places, new people, new gorgeous views to distract me.

Patience, you ask? It’s like this, I am not a person who can concentrate on anything other than the internet or a good book, lol. I am so easily distracted that I miss a stitch in the pattern, discover it way down the piece and have to rip out. Of course, I do not know the correct way to do that, so invariably I am untwisting or twisting stitches on most or all of the row when I start knitting again. It IS a labor of love, but….

(Hmmm, I had to edit it, you could not read some of my strange typos, lol. It shows up in black on HTML page, but not on visual page. No time to research the problem now!)

I leave you with a vision of hope for good days. I absolutely love this sky – it is the reflection of joy radiating from despair.

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 31 Jan 2010 @ 19:07 

Sundays on my blog are supposed to be about calm – or – chaos. Migraine for me (though short lived one), major eye strain ’cause I don’t want to buy a hot lamp so I can see, and a crummy cold for Leon, though it’s hit him less hard than those from whom he obtained it. Relatively calm here between naps and playing couch potatoes.

That is not true; my brain is in complete chaos about Panoply’s design, but on to the pic of the gift that will help future picnics, and therefore, future calm.

PIcnic Table with self-storing benches

Isn’t it cute? About 47″ long, with two little benches that when folded click in for storage beneath the folded picnic table. Our son and daughter-in-law gave it to us for Christmas, their way of “approving” our RV dreams. OK, that’s not it at all, but it was our first gift for Panoply – and a thoughtful one at that! Don’t know where we can keep it, but Leon will make it work, ’cause he knows better than to let ME find a place for it – that will involve construction – or a new car.

Of course, with a green table and benches, one blue folding chair and one bright orange folding chair, and a beige mat left by previous owners, we will be known as the Mismatch Duo, but all money is going into safety related items and into changing out some items for less ‘toxic’ items, not decorating. That is just the way I want it!

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 03 Jan 2010 @ 10:24 

Yes, the color on this is awful, the curtains are stark white with the open weave bamboo pattern which reads clear in reality. These are the curtains that completely surround our bed. It is so peaceful to wake up to – and they let in enough air, yet keep the ac from pounding us as we try to sleep.


Bamboo Pattern close up

Speaking of ¬†peaceful. Calming scene, don’t you think? A swan lazing along the water in natural Florida, old Florida feel. This swan is at the Palm Beach Zoo. It is a small zoo; we love it!

Palm Beach Zoo Swan

But, as in life, calm sometimes precedes chaos or anger. The innocent swan floated over to us as we stood at the railing. Leon dared to have his hand on the railing. Let’s just leave it at, there were multiple attempts at removing his hand from his body by this innocent appearing swan. Unfortunately I did not catch the first try in which contact was made, though no blood wrought.

Swan attack

Today will be a day of calm, I hope. I have forbade Chaos to come our way. ; )

I hope your day is filled with love and laughter.

Posted By: Marcia
Last Edit: 03 Jan 2010 @ 10:24

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