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Trying to reach drawer

RV drawers when working correctly (or is that closed correctly?) stay closed. In our Lazy Daze, the bathroom door opens to close off the kitchen/dining area from the rest of the RV. (So, cool!) We drove the RV back to storage after spending Christmas tearing out carpet and airing it out. Because we had items on the floor in the back we didn’t want to slide into us should we have to stop short, we had the bathroom door opened to close off the front from back.

And so that brilliant idea had a flaw in its execution. The drawer in the wardrobe on the back side of the door opened. Leon tried shoving his huge hands in the tiny gap; I shoved mine in , but neither of us could close the drawer. He had the mechanical skills, but large hands; I had only a weak tiny hand. Not the BEST scenario was it? We got it to close only a few inches between the two of us.

Now what?

Let’s see, tear down the door? No. Break a side window and climb in to shove in the drawer? No. Then, I had an idea. (Leon hates those words, it usually means work for him.)

Leon had just received from our son a driver (golf club) for Christmas. It happened to be up front with us. I suggested Leon (being 6′ tall), try putting the club over the door and push the drawer in; the door does not go all the way to the ceiling.

He did it! Our first RV story, lol, and this is a reason to smile, both for his success and our first RV OOPS.

What is your reason to smile? (You don’t have to share it if it’s a secret, but think it, at least.)

Posted By: Marcia
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