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This was filmed in 2009. Compressed air, everyday air:

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 19 Feb 2010 @ 23:42 

Only the Good Friday. I have to admit, it was not my best Friday, not great news from some of those I love and some I just know, time barreling toward me with no new home to buy or rent that meets my needs or wants – yet – and I just read this article about the conditions and status of help received in Haiti, thanks to a tweet on Twitter tonight and my tweets reflected my inner temper a bit.

I know you are asking, “What are you doing throwing that negative stuff in here on this day, Marcia?”

I couldn’t help myself – because there IS good in it; I just had to hunt for much of it. Really, isn’t that part of what Shelly’s vision for Only the Good Friday is? Hunting for the Good – in spite of ourselves? Leaving the snarkiness, as she puts it, behind

OK. Here goes in one long run on paragraph, Only the Good!

The sky was blue, the Florida air was wonderfully cool. Leon and I made some decisions on RV Panoply remodeling. Now, you know I want two or three different things at once, and Leon does not always seen the brilliance in ALL my ideas, so that was a major accomplishment, grin. We agreed on my sofa/bed design with extra storage, my smaller dinette with larger table, our flooring, and my step covering idea. (Do you see the trend there? It’s only ’cause I have more hours to scheme.) Part of the sad news was a separation – with a child involved. I had to dig deep on that one. The three of them are young enough to regroup and make the best of it, whichever way it goes. (Shh, I KNOW the youth of our world don’t always make the right decisions, this is about the possibilities!) I get to take a break from my new home search this weekend and concentrate on…. work, lol, and RV Panoply. I won’t mention the worst news, but people have them in their prayers… and that, in itself, is a good thing. And tweeting little senryu and micropoetry and just thinking ‘out loud’ on Twitter helped put my mood into perspective: 2 year old inner tantrum mixed with bleeding heart for them. As to Haiti, as depressing as the statistics are, if you read the numbers you realize just how many people HAVE helped. We just need to squeeze a bit more out if we can, quickly.

There, not the most positive of my Friday posts – but I see the hope, the fun – and I read it and remember that I had to force a smile a couple of times, but they DID give way to genuine ones.

Everyday cannot be perfect – but everyday can be made better with effort.

Now, share your good for the day. Join us on Only the Good Friday!


 05 Feb 2010 @ 15:05 

Shelly at This Eclectic Life chose to write, in part, about S.A.D., one of winter’s crummy side effects. Now before you click to read her post, if you have a sweet tooth, before nibble on something first! Today is her day to not only find the good but post on it.

There are ways around S.A.D. like specialized lights, but I have another idea to help y’all get through it: VOLUNTEER.

Why not? It can’t help but make you smile – and think of how many other people will smile ’cause of you. That creates light, right? OK. So, SAD lights are not quite the same type light, but the principle is!

Not enough hours? Many of us associate volunteering with helping month after month, but there are plenty of one time opportunities.

Can’t find the right place? You could start simple by doing a search online or asking co-workers or neighbors. You could, however, take the easy route below – the one with a reward on top of the feel good reward!

So, on this Only the Good Friday, why not consider this:

Disney is offering admission to either Disney World or Disneyland if you volunteer for one of the organizations linked below. And guess what? Some allow children from six and up to volunteer. You search by your zip code and nearby areas. There is a variety in types for people of all skills and skill levels:
Give a Day. Get a Disney Day

Let’s make the winter as bright as these white roses in Scotland’s summer sun!

White Rose in Scotland

Now, share your good for the day. Join us on Only the Good Friday!


 29 Jan 2010 @ 22:46 

Fridays, Shelly at This Eclectic Life declared for us to post Only the Good. No snarky remarks, just hunt for the good. So, I will ignore that the realtor did not return my call from this morning, grin. I mean she found the good in her day today….

I have still not gotten back in the swing of blogging every day or even several times a week, but, for once, I’m O.K. with that – for now. That is good, acceptance.

My good today is personal. Leon and I made the decision to take a chance and move into a manufactured home in an RV Resort, assuming we can get financing in the current financial climate. It is small, but when we went to check it out on a Tuesday, it was alive with people walking their dogs, talking to their neighbors, working on their homes, washing their RVs, playing golf, and helping us find a home, grin. (If we do buy there, I will show pictures.)

Granted most of these people are retired – and we won’t be. We will be working and for a while living in two places, but we have been so isolated from socializing and fun in recent years, working way too hard. So, though rife with logistical problems and his having to build a new referral base, we want to do it. That is good, taking a calculated risk. (Did I just say that?)

I could list many more positives and some negatives, but today, I must ignore that he will still have clients over 3 hours away for many months…

We are smiling, though. Insanity? No, we are both so tired of renting already that even less than 700 square feet sounds perfect, especially when Panoply will be parked outside our door, where we can finish remodeling her and ready to run away with us.

A Shrouded Panoply

For now, Panoply remains shrouded from the road ahead, but her time is coming….

What’s perfect in your world today? Yesterday? This week? Jump on the bandwagon. Check out what Shelly has to say, grab a banner/button and start sharing your good one day a week. You can do it!


 15 Jan 2010 @ 22:01 


Well, it could get easier, if someone keyed it for you, but that would take the joy out of it.

I’m not in to texting. Sure, I text my husband information he needs when asked. Occasionally I send a quick “look at this” with a pic to our son, but I’d rather hear their voices.

Two organizations, in particular, have allowed us to text a word to a five digit number – and our donation for Haiti relief is added to our cell phone bill. And they made the minimum amount affordable for many.

@wyclef on Twitter pledges that all money texted will go to Haiti. Text “yele” to 501501 to donate just $5.00.Please note, after I posted this, I discovered a lot of chatter on the internet that there is some questions about Yele’s ability to track the money, etc. Because of that, please, use your own discretion. Read what has been written about them and make your own decision. I have not removed this because I have not read all the information….I originally saw this organization’s spokesperson on a newscast on TV and assumed they had prior to being slated, the organization had been checked out.

Per @RedCross, to donate $10.00 toward Haiti efforts via the Red Cross just text “Haiti” to 90999.

The amount already donated is staggering just through that texting is incredible, but it is so needed.

So, it’s Only the Good Friday, and how much better can it get than people making it easy to donate when needed. And there are so many other organizers collecting.

People are coming together… the way it should be.

If you can’t donate (and there were times in my life, I could not have come up with a penny unless I found it on a street), then talk to people, smile at people, pray for people. Do something nice for the person standing next to you. Spread your own inner glow, it is definitely needed with all this stuff going on around us.

Speaking of that, you so want to read what Shelly at this Eclectic Life is spreading good about this time, especially, if you need a smile.


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