23 May 2011 @ 16:51 


Many, if not all RVers, use at least a sediment filter on their incoming water line. Some prop it in a bucket so it does not fall over, one ingenious RVer used a PVC pipe cap attached to his bumper to set the filter in. Leon did not want to mess with Panoply’s bumper.¬†Instead, he used a bungee hooked to the window frame to hold the sediment filter off the ground. It worked fine. However, he added a carbon filter, as well, so lately he has just been using a bungie to hold both of them to the post that the water is connected to. Keeps them off the ground – and away from the RV.

We also have a good filter beneath our kitchen sink – and use a Brita for cooking and drinking. Overkill? Perhaps, but it makes us happy.

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 09 Feb 2010 @ 9:58 

Mini rant, Bah:

We visited a recommended and long established auto upholsterer. I could tell the minute he saw Panoply, he didn’t really want to mess with it, but he kept us engaged in conversation for at least thirty minutes. Bottom line, he doesn’t want to put the upper carpet in with the screws and staples used by manufacturer, he insists the wool carpet I want to use (chemical and pesticide free) is too flexible not to glue and he only uses lacquer based glues. Now, he only looked at it from the door, that was my second clue. No matter how experienced, he should have at least looked at it closer.

He is convinced if we use a water-based non-toxic glue it won’t hold up to the summer heat. I told him I would rather have it fail years down the road and have to redo it than to have more toxins in the RV. He didn’t understand that, but then he has been breathing those glues for well over forty years. I don’t mind paying someone for their time, but his estimate of number of hours seemed insane. I could be wrong. Time will tell.

Mini rave, Yay:

  • Found a company that can accelerate off gassing of formaldehyde (in theory?), waiting for a call back, no one local
  • Spoke with the manufacturer of a radiant heating element, which in theory, cannot overheat. Can’t proceed until we decide if we are running it from solar or only with hookups
  • Picked out a Flexsteel replacement driver and passenger seat, color undecided. We may color key them to the dark gray cab dash rather than with the maple cabinets since they will be curtained off most of the time we are stopped to conserve ac or heat.
  • Found a company willing to build my weird chair should I go with a wild idea I had, though Leon stood behind me saying no no no no, but I caught him, lol.
  • We are making time this week to tear out what carpeting we can get at, the shades, and passenger seat! Goodbye more odor.

May your day be free of toxic smells and disgusting odors… the wind blow smiles… your plans move forward

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 05 Jan 2010 @ 9:36 

Tuesdays are my day to rant or rave, not to be confused with ranting and a raving. Today is a rave!

Snoqualmie Falls trail

The above trail at Snoqualmie Falls, in Snoqualmie, Washington, was one of our favorite places to walk. On days like that one, when it was cold enough for light fleece, we were both as happy as could be. But let it get the slightest bit warm. Leave me at home! That and working in the yard were our main forms of exercise back then. We thrived.

But back in South Florida, most of the time, I am a hermit. Hot sun and humidity and I are not pals, but enemies! I’m not getting enough exercise down here.

Years ago my bone density scan showed some loss, I don’t get enough exercise. I didn’t know about jumping and being on the third floor last year, but I couldn’t have jumped anyway living above an elderly person. I no longer do.

I have jumped in place a few times recently – but since our floors are concrete and I was barefoot each time, decided that wasn’t my most brilliant decision, so I did only a few teeny jumps, as if jumping rope.

Today I jumped on the search engines (pun intended) and found a guest blog by Sherri Betz, PT (physical therapist) on the Pilates Community of Wellsphere.com. It is a much quicker read than it appears and has good information and cleared up misinformation.

All this time I thought walking up and down the stairs was good for my bones…. because I had been told weight bearing exercise was needed. Well, it is obviously good for other things, but not as helpful for bones as I was led to believe. I will continue to make extra trips up and down the stairs because it makes me feel good. Enough about me.

Go on then, head on over to Wellsphere and check out the research Sherri Betz has shared. But, seriously, don’t change what you are doing until you’ve spoken with a professional, aka someone like your doctor.

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 02 Jan 2010 @ 9:35 

Starting 2010 out right, I’m going to attempt blogging on schedule. I need schedule in something because my mind leaps faster than Superman can catch a train, I think. Enough of me. Saturdays, I’ve chosen to link readers to other sites, be they blogs or otherwise. Today it is “two for one”, since I missed the Black Friday sales and the Christmas Eve sales this year, I figured I’d have a sale. (Lame, I know.)

Besides being a Fab Grandma, and all that involves, Karen is an RVer and a reviewer of gluten free foods and other items that catch her attention. I chose one post on each to share with you.

Have you ever wondered what an Rv workamper does in a typical day as a volunteer camp host? It’s not all just cleaning toilets, y’all. And the site in Georgia was beautiful. ¬†Fab Grandma shares their day here.

I’ve become interested in Gluten free cooking, not that I’ve tried it yet, but I intend to, as soon as this procrastination thing weeds itself out of my personality. After reading Fab Grandma’s review on this Heartland Muffin mix, I think I will start with these. You don’t really think I was going to make them from scratch do you?

While you are there, why not browse her sites? You never know what you might find you like.

NOTE: Fab Grandma moved her sites. The links above still work, but her new blogs are found here: http://fabgrandma.com and http://reviews.fabgrandma.com/!

Note: NaBloPoMo’s January theme is Best. Fab/Best, works for me!

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