20 Nov 2011 @ 10:52 

Leon added shelves and little baskets to the inside of the pantry doors for me. We did learn that the small screw heads we used should be changed out to larger ones, one of the shelves slipped the other day. Some day, Leon or I will have time to run buy them and change them.

I am, also, about to add the plastic command picture holders that are like dri-lock to hold three different sizes of ziplocs, hung vertically along the inside edge of the door on the left (facing). You will have to use your imagination for that visual. I needed the space they are taking up in this picture for a stainless water bottle, paper cups, stainless coffee cup.

RV Pantry, RV shelving

Now, I put the paper cups between the stainless on both bottom shelves. Less rattles and banging around that way. And yes, we will probably add another teeny basket on the right side door.  Those little baskets are dirt cheap. The other wire shelves on the doors came in three packs, each one in pack a different configuration. We bought two sets. One shelf was used beneath the kitchen sink.

RV Pantry, RV ShelvingYes, I have loaded that pantry down Added an extra support rod toward back on one side of the horizontal shelves in pantry,probably should add another one. But these shelves survived some pretty rough California roads….

We used baskets like these on some of the pantry shelves…

Pantry organization, RVand one old wire basket from a drawer unit we used to have – only on the bottom surface, because of the weight of the cans…

Pantry organizationI use whatever is handy to keep things from sliding – kitchen towels, boxed food, plastic containers. Have not secured top, shallower shelf contents yet… Let’s just say they have met the floor – or our feet – more than once after a long drive. Another, we will get to it moment. PS. Melamine will break, especially cheap melamine. Only had 2 plates for bbqs. I don’t use it normally. Don’t use it at all now, lol.

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 08 Nov 2011 @ 12:34 

And onto more changes in Panoply….

RV Panoply - bathroom faucet

Guess I need to post the shower curtain pic next. It is an awesome curtain!

Leon changed out the extremely low faucet to one he could get his oversized hands beneath. A Moen, purchased at a box store in Michigan. What a difference it makes. I can fit a small plastic box with a lid beneath it to run off cold water when boondocking.

Today is another day to make the best of – or waste. The choice is ours.

Posted By: Marcia
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 05 Aug 2011 @ 10:51 

I'm going swimming! - Not

I have put off posting – in part because I wanted to wait until Leon really started blogging with me as planned, yes, that is why the title change – a play on Bogie and McCall, but I don’t LIKE “Bogie” and exercised my veto rights, lol.

He will join in, I know, if I start blogging again, so, before I rush off to work:

Plan on more pictures as we did start full time RVing on April 21, 2011. A tad bit late, RV still unfinished inside, but we are loving our new life style. I am doing my best to stomp out that thought, “Why did we NOT do this twenty years ago – or more?”

Lots to catch up on! An RV Lifestyle and Safety Seminar and a driving class in Bowling Green, Kentucky; Organizing our RV, Dumping our TV for a …., exciting news from the home front, our first workamping job at Thunder Bay Golf & RV Resort in Hillman, MI (we love it!), our new bikes, and our travel plans – and – how living in 26.5 feet minus the motor is working out.

And, if you read this blog before, you know I do have opinions! As does Leon. And no, my values have not changed!

My extended hiatus from blogging is over! I hope you enjoy our banter.

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Categories: Everyday living, Photo, RV
 23 May 2011 @ 16:51 


Many, if not all RVers, use at least a sediment filter on their incoming water line. Some prop it in a bucket so it does not fall over, one ingenious RVer used a PVC pipe cap attached to his bumper to set the filter in. Leon did not want to mess with Panoply’s bumper.¬†Instead, he used a bungee hooked to the window frame to hold the sediment filter off the ground. It worked fine. However, he added a carbon filter, as well, so lately he has just been using a bungie to hold both of them to the post that the water is connected to. Keeps them off the ground – and away from the RV.

We also have a good filter beneath our kitchen sink – and use a Brita for cooking and drinking. Overkill? Perhaps, but it makes us happy.

Posted By: Marcia
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 23 Mar 2011 @ 17:19 

We are fulltiming in Panoply as of April 15, 2011, if not a few days sooner.

YAY! Leon, me, and all 26.5 feet of Panoply – and no toad.

We are not looking at this as a full time vacation – it is merely a new, smaller home that moves – and we will have to workamp to pull it off. That’s OK, it is still a partial retirement.

Leon has worked hard for 47.5 years, many of those years were 6 day work weeks, some a full time and part time job held at same time.

Blogs will change – still working that out – this time Leon is supposed to chime in.

We have finally learned to not just dream, but dream on a larger scale – and work toward making our dreams happen. Have you?

Posted By: Marcia
Last Edit: 23 Mar 2011 @ 17:19

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