20 Dec 2008 @ 0:19 

Fingers crossed. I just updated to Leopard 10.5.6, and read in a forum that it solved the problem so many of us have had with pdfs freezing the system. Could it be that this coming week when we go into Leon’s work files we can actually get work done in a timely manner? (There went my excuse to goof off the entire Christmas week.)

Fingers Crossed. I so want to fall back in love with my Macs. I could use a reduction in frustration, too. This has been going on since the update to 10.5.5 months ago – and when you work and live together, my frustration is his frustration is my frustration and so on.

Posted By: Marcia
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 05 Nov 2008 @ 13:42 

The tech told me via email the problems I have been encountering that hang up my Apple computer, especially with pdf files or their folders, is, according to the engineers, all part of a known problem they have been working to solve. That calms me somewhat since it is happening to some degree on all of our computers. At least they are trying to find a solution!

He also reminded me to make sure I install the latest updates, which I already do.

It does frustrate me that they haven’t been able to solve it yet. It is a struggle to get anything done for Leon for work because much of what I do for him involves pdf files so I can fax them online. But it makes me less fearful to go ahead with some other major projects that don’t require pdfs. I was afraid to start them for fear my entire computer would crash.

Backups, y’all, whatever computer you have. And not just one! In fact many computer people I speak with suggest three, because bad backups are not unheard of — no matter the system.

It was suggested I use Adobe for now rather than Preview, not that it has solved it, but they seem to think it will prevent some of the problems.

Here’s to a better computer month — soon.

Posted By: Marcia
Last Edit: 05 Nov 2008 @ 13:42

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 28 Oct 2008 @ 19:38 

No exaggeration: Over FIVE hours on the phone with the Apple Product Specialist today.  We did different tests (plus a few the same). He referred it (again) to an engineer.  We thought we had a temporary fix, but it didn’t solve it!

My iphone battery actually died to the point I had to plug it in a few minutes before I could even use it plugged in.  The tech and I had several emails back and forth after that, and he sent me directions for a couple more “tests”. That five hours was on my cell phone, guess Leon will have to use the office phone more often this billing period so we don’t go over our minutes. And my arm fell asleep from holding the phone and trying to type with the other hand so long. (Go ahead, laugh!)

I did learn one new thing today,  Apple is having some kind of problem with .pdf files and the software Apple uses to open and read them, Preview. They are working on it. He even had me download Adobe for Mac and open them with that, some open, some hang up the computer.  

It seems, on my computer to revolve mostly around my encrypted .dmg files (images), which are mounted and unmounted (No, I don’t understand exactly how, just know the term.) Of course, most of the files I put in them are pdf files. Figures, doesn’t it? I try to be security conscious… and …..

What is so freaky is it is not always the same file within the folder that hangs up.  Today, of course, it decided to be different, and two files hung up most of the time… tonight, those files worked and other ones hung up…. I am so far behind on helping Leon stay caught up. I’ve been fighting this off and on for well over a month…

My personal laptop, that I have been trying to do an initial backup on for the second time, stuck at 19.22 GB for nearly 24 hours now… no error, just not moving. I started that backup Thursday at 11:00 a.m. It is now Tuesday night. I wonder if it is not all related – especially since I put my .dmg files on it while I took the other computer to the store to ‘get fixed’. Ay yi yi yi!

Apple, when they are/were working — AWESOME, but when not, may as well be a PC — except – for the most part I have had people really trying to help  - and being pleasant about it.

Maybe the engineers will have an answer next week….

Hey, but it was GORGEOUS today, crisp, middle fifties this morning, cool all day long. Hooray! And to be in the forties in the morning. Oh yeah!

Posted By: Marcia
Last Edit: 28 Oct 2008 @ 19:38

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 17 Sep 2008 @ 11:50 

Dear iMac of mine:

Knock it off! Quit causing your little world to spin round and round and round and round au nauseum…(?) You would think you were the old Web TV trying to get on the internet. I didn’t put up with that long before I went to a PC and I overthrew the virus riddled PC to go to your cousin, the iBook. I can overthrow you, too.

You could have picked a better time, like late at night when I shouldn’t be up trying to make use of you anyway. Why did you choose the very moment Leon requested a form be emailed to a client so they could both sign it when he arrived?

Personally, I think you should be ashamed of yourself not allowing me to finish the job I started. I even turned you off for a few seconds to recover your wits about you and you still showed your belligerence, repeatedly today. Why, I even took the time to repair your permissions and you have the audacity after that to not even open the crammed full documents folder? Are you trying to give Apple/Mac/iMac a bad name? What, do you want to land on a Seinfeld commercial?

I’ll show you belligerence. I’ll just take the new scanner and label printer off your fancy little rear end ports and put them on the Macbook, where they will be welcomed. See how you will feel to be ignored a while.

And to think, I was going to buy you a shiny Belkin 7 port USB thingamajig so you could have even more to wear with pride. Forget it! I’ll let the Macbook have it.

And don’t go smirking thinking I will give you one more chance just because you overheard I was calling an Apple genius later to diagnose your mental ailment. I just might wait a week. I think you just want them to probe you.

With sincere frustration, your former ecstatic owner,


Posted By: Marcia
Last Edit: 17 Sep 2008 @ 11:50

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