12 Aug 2010 @ 21:48 

My brother and his girlfriend just had a ball making this video in 2008. This is one of his original songs. The roller coaster was shot at Busch Gardens – Leon is up there in one of those. This video is the only Roller Coaster I want to ride – other than the one I have been on with Leon – the roller coaster of marriage.

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 08 Jan 2010 @ 20:40 

I know it is only the Good Friday. Speak of good. Well, I am, in spite of the question.

My brother wrote and performs this song. He wrote it because someone he knows had relatives that pretty much ostracized that person because they practiced a different religion than the rest of the family.

The person was kind, gave to others, and basically followed the major tenant of all religions, “The Golden Rule”! This person believed in God.

I’m going to be honest here, as I have been before. I truly believe that whichever religion you believe in is right for you. Why? Because I believe religion was man made to fill the need every human has to have guidelines and more importantly the comfort and ‘home’ that comes from a belief.

But, this post is not about what or what not you believe, it is about kindness and concern and a human’s empathy for another. A good thing.

Some of you are questioning where the Good is in this much more than others are. For you all, I offer this: One good I see in this is that my brother was so moved by another person’s hurt that he wrote a song to share, an expression of love.

Only the Good Friday is a good thing. It is an excuse for blog readers to stop and speak of good, as in not gripe and smart off for at least one day of the week. Feel free to join in. Check out This Eclectic Life’s post for the week, She’s “all warm inside” – and gather the links of other bloggers who participate.

I hope you have a good moment in your day, today – and everyday.


 06 Jan 2009 @ 8:03 

YouTube debut, as in my debut. Leon had his last month when we went to Bush Gardens, coming into view at 2:12 for his ad lib on Roller Coaster Girl. That one really needs to be watched in High Quality though, and I think you have to click on the video and go to YouTube for that and then click just beneath the video. This is Leon’s debut last month:

I previously mentioned that over New Year’s we “played” at my brothers. Well, I tried my hand at “acting” again, something I do NOT do well. However, I think I may have done a decent job on this role, too decent, I show up several times. I won’t tell you that telling someone off just came naturally, ’cause then you would know might believe I am capable in real life of being like that. I also won’t tell you that I did that “out of nowhere” on my own in the middle of his just filming other things — for the same reasons, of course.

My debut today:

So, in the theme of Bill’s new song and video, I won’t “tell you what to do”. So, watch it or not, “whatever you want to”. And just be glad I did not video myself trying to play the iPhone Pocket Guitar….

Note, if you are returning, the second video is an updated of the one originally posted. Best viewed in HD.

 03 Jan 2009 @ 1:00 

Leon and I took a road trip to Central Florida to see my brother and his girlfriend over New Year’s.

On New Year’s Eve we talked about serious subjects, in between having fun, and stayed up until 2009 came in.

On New Year’s Day we acted silly, made videos of same, went to a park, and just plain did nothing but have fun.

And today, on the day Shelly posts and asks us to join in and post “Only the Good” on Friday, I got another dose of “good” old fashioned fun.

This morning, Lina had to go back to work and Leon had to catch up on business, but I got to see how my brother records the music for his music videos using a loop machine that has a drum thingie in it. It’s really a cool piece of equipment. He puts it on the floor, leans over to set the drum tempo and type, then records himself playing rhythm on guitar over the drums, then records over that playing lead. He uses a keyboard synthesizer to add bass (until he gets another bass guitar). Watching him control the looping with his feet was fun.

When Leon emerged from his phone calls, Bill taught Leon and I a guitar chord, then recorded mine over Leon’s, and played lead over our horrid sounding attempt.

No, we did not save it for you to hear! That was a good thing. I can safely say you are thanking me!

Play is good for us all. Have you played yet this new year? Bill McLees is my brother and for him work is play. If he is not videoing weddings or parties (or himself), he is writing words to put to music or he is playing this way:

Now, if only he would put to music the poem I wrote to be my first song…. but I can’t complain about that, can I? After all, today is about ONLY the Good…

Get out there and have fun, play, find the good! (And yes, I know Friday went before I got this posted, played too much, and it was a long drive back home, but I made more good memories.)

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