11 Dec 2008 @ 8:32 

Christmas Tree March

Darkness fell early
as sky caved in,
the weight of consumerism
too much
that Christmas Eve.

Candles flickered,
then faltered
as stacks of
useless presents,
carelessly tossed beneath
well manicured trees,
sent numbed air
to suffocate their flame.

Electricity shut down
– to rest –
it would need
energy tomorrow
as trillions of kilowatts
surged a maze of lines
to feed toys, stoves,
TVs, and stereos.

Children whimpered,
used to bright lights
reflecting arms filled
with florescent packages
and sugar rushes.

Adults panicked
at thoughts of containing
chaos that would surely ensue
in the blackness of night
without light.

Four hours passed
and light flooded

Twelve chimes
followed by a stately
march of Christmas Trees,
each one proudly strutting
their color, but when seen from afar
they became a florescent rainbow.

Parents woke their children
Children grabbed their pets and dolls
to watch a march so rare
consumerism was forgotten

for the moment.


Please, respect my copyright on photo and poem. Thank you.

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Originally published in Tumbled Words exactly one year ago today.

Posted By: Marcia
Last Edit: 23 Apr 2010 @ 18:21

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