15 May 2009 @ 22:06 

I saw this last year and stumbled on it this year. Upload your best digital photo (nature related) and you could win a trip to a photography workshop in a most gorgeous place this year. Where? Click here and find out!

What? You don’t want to win? I understand that, for me it would mean another plane. Forget it. BUT… if you love photos and you love nature in all its forms, rush to the contest link and then click on the Flickr link that takes you to all the photos already entered. Incredibly cool. Besides, you may know someone who wants to enter. I’m telling a few people I know… and who knows, I may enter one of my photos… I must have one somewhere that is not embarrassing.

So, my Only the Good thought for Shelly of This Eclectic Life’s Only the Good Friday is the calming and healing powers of nature in all its glory, I’ve only looked at a few pages of the photos – and while looking I forgot about my most of the day headache-earache-lack of fresh air-neck-ache (caused when I played with Wii golf, bowling, baseball, and tennis against Leon a bit too aggressively when my headache took a break). (And the other good, in spite of feeling lousy, I got a lot of paperwork done for the business – and actually had fun doing it, between headaches.

And speaking of contests – and photo-related, Shelly has written about another one I’d love to win, no planes involved in that one. I’m getting ready to enter. Meet you in the comments here. Have a great weekend. Push those muscles into a smile.


 16 Oct 2008 @ 13:54 

Irritating: I was on the phone with Apple Support again – about my precious laptop that is not backed up (yet) anywhere. Decision: take it in when the other one is finally fixed (Saturday night, in theory, they are “short-handed”) and have tests run.

Yucky: I finally ate a few minutes ago, but have the headache already. Bah Humbug.

Frustrating: I can’t get anything done on the computer, have to keep powering it down. Yes, it could be something as simple as a corrupted file, but finding it is another thing yet. I’m now keeping a log. AND THE SERVERS OR GREMLINS OR ??? KEEP KNOCKING BLOGS OFF LINE. Shelly’s host is not the same as mine and we are both having issues. I know we are not alone. How do businesses manage?

Good: We were told we might get our new windows in both rooms in about four weeks. Maybe then our electric bill will only be high instead of sky high.

GREAT: I won something great! Shelly of This Eclectic Life had a contest. I was one of three winners of tickets to go see Celtic Thunder in concert. Leon and I now have an excuse to go on a date! I do recall we used to do that – I mean other than just grabbing a quick dinner or hunkering in for American Idol or Ally McBeal, and half the time forgetting to have date night snacks available.

Now, I get ready for a date, how? No worries, I have plenty of time to figure that out. We aren’t going yet. Besides, maybe my daughter-in-law will remind me how. She’s only been married three years, it’s still a recent memory for her.

THANK YOU, SHELLY, FOR HOLDING THE CONTEST. I’m smiling now, not even going to think about the first part of this post, well, maybe just a reminder to back up our computers, all of us.

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 16 Oct 2008 @ 7:34 

today, Fort Worth, TX time to comment on Shelly of This Eclectic Life’s contest post. Hurry. Go. You could win tickets to an awesome concert by Celtic Thunder… Don’t let the word Celtic lull you into thinking it is only Irish Music… Don’t let the word Thunder make you think it is just a bunch of noise. You would be so wrong and so sorry you didn’t enter.

Listen to the videos she has posted, or hop over to YouTube and hear even more. They are giving concerts all across the US, so if you win, you have choices. Just don’t get lost in the videos and forget to enter in time. Enter first and then relax to their music makes sense to me!

Shelly has even posted a link to the concert schedule for you. Go, stop reading and click here:

Celtic Thunder Concert Ticket Contest

Posted By: Marcia
Last Edit: 16 Oct 2008 @ 07:34

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