08 Jul 2009 @ 9:49 

Many of us use our blog or other addresses or a favorite quote as a signature addition to our emails. I do, too. When I email a business, though, I usually remove them – until today.

I’ve added one just for emailing businesses:

Your company depends on how you react to the customer. I am your customer: you are the make it or break it point. Your choice is?

I suppose I could add: Be aware – I will blog on how I was treated as a customer.

Just a thought…. in part, tongue in cheek; in part, cause I am fighting a cold or allergies; in part, because customer service, overall, seems to be on a downturn again.

(I understand some businesses are now reacting to the comments made about them on Twitter….)

Posted By: Marcia
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 10 Jun 2009 @ 13:57 

One reason I like to order items from Amazon.com is that I have always been given good customer service and things usually arrive ahead of scheduled delivery.

Recently I found another reason. I have never remembered to send in warranty cards in the past on anything other than computer related purchases – and that’s only because I can usually do it on line easily.

Amazon.com earned more points. Senseo has a recall on a unit – and Amazon emailed the notification. I would never have known otherwise. Thank you, Amazon, for paying attention to the stuff I ignore – well some of it, anyway.

Click here for the information on the recall should you own a Senseo.

Posted By: Marcia
Last Edit: 24 Jun 2009 @ 03:51

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 11 Nov 2008 @ 13:51 

So, you know my computer problems are not resolved, but engineers are working on it. So, last night I chose to just relax and not work. Oops.

This morning my internet was down. Leon had to take what I would have done for him to the office to do later. (Yes, that is why the “Oops”.

I received errors that were beyond my knowledge, so I called Apple instead of Comcast after many tries to restart my modem etc. The errors told Apple it was a problem most likely with my modem, but he walked me through trying to restart it, and so forth, hoping I wouldn’t have to call Comcast (nice tech!).

I called Comcast and while on hold a message played about an outage in a nearby area, for them to try rebooting the computer, if that didn’t work stay on the line. I had been having trouble for months when the power went out with the modem not coming back up right away, so outage or not, I stayed on the line.

Had the nicest rep at Comcast and was told to trade out the modem, but would be at the least tomorrow before they could come to me. Their computer software was really slow and after about five minutes I told her not to try any more to find the address of the nearest service center for me to change it out myself. I’d have Leon look it up from work.

I twittered that my Comcast modem had crashed. Got a direct reply from Comcast Bill @ comcastcares asking for account information so he could assist me.

Now, I didn’t trust it, so didn’t respond, but noticed my cable modem had finally come back up. So, I called Comcast and another nice rep told me time the outage had affected our area (the first person said no), but he agreed I should go ahead and change out the modem, it should have never been that slow those other times. So, I asked about Comcast Bill in Philly. This employee had no clue what I was talking about.

So, if it is truly legit, their employees should be aware. I did, however, see remarks online that indicated they had gotten help, and that Comcast had a program like that.

Well, Comcast, if you do, that is great that you care, but how about caring enough that your employees know so they can verify you exist when we call?

Just a thought.


So, hopefully, tomorrow Leon can take the modem to Comcast to trade it out so it doesn’t happen again and I can go back to normal, because I missed my Broadband when I didn’t have it, and luckily that has not happened often.

My thanks to Comcast Cares for responding.

Posted By: Marcia
Last Edit: 11 Nov 2008 @ 14:44

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 28 Oct 2008 @ 19:38 

No exaggeration: Over FIVE hours on the phone with the Apple Product Specialist today.  We did different tests (plus a few the same). He referred it (again) to an engineer.  We thought we had a temporary fix, but it didn’t solve it!

My iphone battery actually died to the point I had to plug it in a few minutes before I could even use it plugged in.  The tech and I had several emails back and forth after that, and he sent me directions for a couple more “tests”. That five hours was on my cell phone, guess Leon will have to use the office phone more often this billing period so we don’t go over our minutes. And my arm fell asleep from holding the phone and trying to type with the other hand so long. (Go ahead, laugh!)

I did learn one new thing today,  Apple is having some kind of problem with .pdf files and the software Apple uses to open and read them, Preview. They are working on it. He even had me download Adobe for Mac and open them with that, some open, some hang up the computer.  

It seems, on my computer to revolve mostly around my encrypted .dmg files (images), which are mounted and unmounted (No, I don’t understand exactly how, just know the term.) Of course, most of the files I put in them are pdf files. Figures, doesn’t it? I try to be security conscious… and …..

What is so freaky is it is not always the same file within the folder that hangs up.  Today, of course, it decided to be different, and two files hung up most of the time… tonight, those files worked and other ones hung up…. I am so far behind on helping Leon stay caught up. I’ve been fighting this off and on for well over a month…

My personal laptop, that I have been trying to do an initial backup on for the second time, stuck at 19.22 GB for nearly 24 hours now… no error, just not moving. I started that backup Thursday at 11:00 a.m. It is now Tuesday night. I wonder if it is not all related – especially since I put my .dmg files on it while I took the other computer to the store to ‘get fixed’. Ay yi yi yi!

Apple, when they are/were working — AWESOME, but when not, may as well be a PC — except – for the most part I have had people really trying to help  - and being pleasant about it.

Maybe the engineers will have an answer next week….

Hey, but it was GORGEOUS today, crisp, middle fifties this morning, cool all day long. Hooray! And to be in the forties in the morning. Oh yeah!

Posted By: Marcia
Last Edit: 28 Oct 2008 @ 19:38

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 20 Oct 2008 @ 7:07 

Irritating: Back up not working properly on my Macbook — taking so many times longer than it should they suggested I take it in for tests, duh. That is why I was trying to back it up.

Frustrating: IMac STILL not returned from Apple geniuses. One week last Wednesday, told on Thursday: third in line, a good thing, would be ready Saturday night by closing. Still not shown ready on line and no phone call. Yes, they are short handed. Yes, I am short-tempered by now.

Good: Cool air has finally arrived, for now. HOORAY!

Great: (in minor scheme of things) Leon bought me a present yesterday, an AeroGarden Space Saver 6 after reading you can use your own seeds if you prefer. It came with seed pods for herbs, Leon bought lettuce pods, too. Now, I have a well-deserved rep around the house for killing all herbs in pots, even after Leon helped me build a trio of pots when we lived down here before. So, wish me luck! After all, this was, to a point an impulse buy, we knew we wanted one, but the models have slightly different technology, and this one was where we happened to be. This one has air pump oxygenation, another has water pump oxygenation, one has 24 hour light capability, and so on.

Posted By: Marcia
Last Edit: 20 Oct 2008 @ 07:07

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