15 Jan 2010 @ 22:01 


Well, it could get easier, if someone keyed it for you, but that would take the joy out of it.

I’m not in to texting. Sure, I text my husband information he needs when asked. Occasionally I send a quick “look at this” with a pic to our son, but I’d rather hear their voices.

Two organizations, in particular, have allowed us to text a word to a five digit number – and our donation for Haiti relief is added to our cell phone bill. And they made the minimum amount affordable for many.

@wyclef on Twitter pledges that all money texted will go to Haiti. Text “yele” to 501501 to donate just $5.00.Please note, after I posted this, I discovered a lot of chatter on the internet that there is some questions about Yele’s ability to track the money, etc. Because of that, please, use your own discretion. Read what has been written about them and make your own decision. I have not removed this because I have not read all the information….I originally saw this organization’s spokesperson on a newscast on TV and assumed they had prior to being slated, the organization had been checked out.

Per @RedCross, to donate $10.00 toward Haiti efforts via the Red Cross just text “Haiti” to 90999.

The amount already donated is staggering just through that texting is incredible, but it is so needed.

So, it’s Only the Good Friday, and how much better can it get than people making it easy to donate when needed. And there are so many other organizers collecting.

People are coming together… the way it should be.

If you can’t donate (and there were times in my life, I could not have come up with a penny unless I found it on a street), then talk to people, smile at people, pray for people. Do something nice for the person standing next to you. Spread your own inner glow, it is definitely needed with all this stuff going on around us.

Speaking of that, you so want to read what Shelly at this Eclectic Life is spreading good about this time, especially, if you need a smile.


 05 Mar 2009 @ 20:52 

Jeri of Jeri’s Organizing & DeCluttering News posted great links to recycling sites, everything from bicycles to clothes!

Once you have bookmarked that for your future use, scan through her blog, she is always sharing interesting items. Jeri does a lot of themed posts, such as only heart shaped or with a heart motif, or just clocks or boxes or bath tub organizers.

But enough on beautiful items, let’s, also, be beautiful inside, and share our smiles — and if we can our clothes, furniture, bicycles, and so on with those who would really appreciate it. (When I grew up my dad’s boss shared with us. I have never forgotten. Thank you, Mr. Mack.)

Jeri’s post is timely with so many people having more than they need and wanting to return to simpler times – or just downsize – and so many others no longer having money for items they may truly need. Take advantage of her research, why don’t you? And smile while you are doing it!

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 22 Dec 2008 @ 8:54 

Toys for Tots in Palm Beach County announced last night that donations were about half the usual number and that requests had doubled. If you were able to go a bit overboard buying for your child or children this year, why not take one of those presents and drop it off at a Toys for Tots drop off location.

If you can donate money, they have a secure link!

I would guess it is similar across the nation.

If you can, please do. (If a normal Saturday pickup down here is around 300 toys, and this year up to 88 is a GOOD pickup — and they have twice the requests….)

Toys for Tots, the national link that will lead you to your local as well.

For me it is scary that we have that few donations with perfect weather, I wonder what it must be like where no one can get out and drive safely for all the winter storms?

Posted By: Marcia
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