30 Jun 2010 @ 10:23 


I know home is where the heart is.

I know we can make a home from a house.

But, those past 2.5 years in the apartment and condos – just weren’t home. That is so obvious now that we are in our rental house. I have seen a change in both of us. Doesn’t say too much that we let our environment get to us so much, does it?

That said we did have good times in all locations, they just never felt like home – and the last condo, though “cool”, was just too dark.

I can feel a change in my attitude, see a change in his. We have settled in, thinking of it as home rather than our son’s rental home. I’m even becoming more domestic….

Hey, Honey. We’re home!

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 03 Apr 2008 @ 10:30 

While trying to rename our RV blog from RV Poetry to something that would not scare away non-poets, I reread my short poem, Destination Unknown, found in it’s entirety here. I had remarked on the post, Rvers many days travel to unknown places, yet they remain home in their hearts.

Today I took some exception to it. The words, “remain home in their hearts”, as most of you realize, is referring to home being where your heart is – and I don’t dispute that. However, in reading RVer blogs and meeting a few RVers at shows, I concluded many RVers do not just “remain home in their hearts” — they extend their homes outside of themselves to let others in.

Think of it almost as a mother’s love swelling to encompass more and more children or an animal lover’s heart swelling to bring in more and more animals. The world becomes the RVers home and extended family.

It is not that other people are not capable of doing that or don’t do it, it is that it appears easier for an RVer to do it than a non-RVer.

Will I find that true once we get out there? Perhaps. Perhaps not

No Instructions Needed

hello how are you I see you are from there do you have this or that yes I do may I borrow it of course and let me help you do it you don’t need to do that no problem at all

and so deed is done and relationship begun no need to say just pass on the kindness for it will just automatically be done Rvers are like that – and bloggers, too.


Posted By: Marcia
Last Edit: 07 Apr 2008 @ 09:53

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