28 May 2009 @ 12:15 

We’re in! In what? A cycle of too much to do and not enough time to do it all – much less with proper attention. But….

We met with the Condo board of the condo we are renting, this morning, two members of it, actually. Went fine.

Golden Pothos

The lobby and grounds are as beautiful as we remembered from our initial walk through. They are redoing the walkway to the pool, so the water area that wraps around the walkway is drained on the West side of the lobby. (What do you call it? A concrete water area that weaves through the center of the grounds- but squared off edges – so not “natural” — but quite striking with the plantings around it.) Beautiful even drained.

The one thing I noticed that made me smile: in spite of a huge building blocking the ocean breeze (in theory) — the center grounds had wind from somewhere!

Have a few perks we were not aware of — especially concerning if we take a vacation — feel more secure knowing someone is checking on the condo — and emptying the refrigerator should power be uncooperative.

So, time to pack a little faster, file a little more — and HOPE the new small amount of congestion that has hit us both is just from all the dust we kicked up that this ac pulls in from other units while moving stuff and packing – we are both allergic to dust mites. We were not going to make the move final until we returned from his family reunion – but now that we have had to close windows because of the heat — the dust is coming back as badly as it did before we started opening windows – I would never have made this winter here had it not been for nice weather and open windows… This will be the first time we haven’t done the clean out when we have moved ourselves!

Choice — DUST filled air or newly painted walls with normal paints (sigh, we didn’t see the listing until they had painted — we would have bought no VOC paints…)

We could bring in the plants that NASA shows clears the air of chemicals, but it also said one plant per 100 square feet — that is over 90 plants — where on earth would I put them all?

Mother-in-law Tongue

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 04 May 2009 @ 20:37 

Siren of the water, aka., the intracoastal
combines with glitter of a totally remodeled condo
with a screened porch
and the emotions of wanting to get it now before
there are no more choices
hurry up this has taken too long…

Choose this or that

Siren of the water, aka., the intracoastal
combines with the glitter of a bathroom
with a shower level with floor
big enough for two
a direct view of the intracoastal
to make up for average kitchen
and the emotions of wanting to get it now before
there are no more choices
hurry up this has taken too long…

The siren of the condo on the end
- here –
with direct ocean views
no mamby pamby intracoastal for it,
with the glitter of sunlight and moonlight
dancing on tidal flow for my viewing
but more money for our income than a sane person
would spend, and is the ac as crummy as this? It is
the same building….
and the emotions of wanting to get it now before
there are no more choices
hurry up this has taken too long…

and then the Siren of privacy at a home with acreage
and a future pool should luck prevail
and payments forever and maintenance and privacy
and colors of our choice and payments forever
and shelves hung at my whim not landlords
and payments forever
and the emotions of wanting to get it now before
there are no more choices
hurry up this has taken too long…

and we forgot to get boxes again today
and we are one day closer to moving…
and then there is work
and planning for his reunion….

I’ve not the mind for this,
I am full of ideas…
for others.

(and imagine, the condo redone so well that every miter on the crown molding was perfect, the baseboards caulked top and bottom, EVERYTHING new. But, you have to tuck up close to one corner beside the TV cable outlet to see the intracoastal — or wait for a gorgeous day next winter to sit on the screened porch….)

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 10 Jun 2008 @ 10:30 

When you want to become a full time RVer or at least 3/4 time, you must learn to let go of things – and space. We moved from 1746 square feet to around 400. A step in the right direction, though it was not intentional, just all we could find cheap in a hurry when we moved back to Florida.

This move we are going up, to 640 square feet or so. I don’t think that is conducive to learning to live with less in a considerably smaller space, do you?

I do think it would be easier for us to live in a smaller space if we were in the Pacific Northwest where the climate is great and we could be outside more. So, hopefully, when the time comes, we can make the adjustment completely to less is more, we know it is true, but not here in Florida, for us.

Posted By: Marcia
Last Edit: 10 Jun 2008 @ 10:30

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