15 May 2009 @ 22:06 

I saw this last year and stumbled on it this year. Upload your best digital photo (nature related) and you could win a trip to a photography workshop in a most gorgeous place this year. Where? Click here and find out!

What? You don’t want to win? I understand that, for me it would mean another plane. Forget it. BUT… if you love photos and you love nature in all its forms, rush to the contest link and then click on the Flickr link that takes you to all the photos already entered. Incredibly cool. Besides, you may know someone who wants to enter. I’m telling a few people I know… and who knows, I may enter one of my photos… I must have one somewhere that is not embarrassing.

So, my Only the Good thought for Shelly of This Eclectic Life’s Only the Good Friday is the calming and healing powers of nature in all its glory, I’ve only looked at a few pages of the photos – and while looking I forgot about my most of the day headache-earache-lack of fresh air-neck-ache (caused when I played with Wii golf, bowling, baseball, and tennis against Leon a bit too aggressively when my headache took a break). (And the other good, in spite of feeling lousy, I got a lot of paperwork done for the business – and actually had fun doing it, between headaches.

And speaking of contests – and photo-related, Shelly has written about another one I’d love to win, no planes involved in that one. I’m getting ready to enter. Meet you in the comments here. Have a great weekend. Push those muscles into a smile.


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