09 Nov 2010 @ 22:59 


The Afghan

Tucked gently
it brings warmth -
and timeless safety
from the cold reality
(of the moment).

They may need safety a bit longer


watch them wear afghan capes in battle,
fly afghan flags of victory,


huddle beneath afghan tents
and shine flashlights
toward the ceiling
in awe at their created patterns
that rival stars dancing above
a dark country road


tomorrow they may just toss it aside

though first, I’d bet,

they will wear a crooked grin
and drape it over someone’s BIG cold feet
for what better way can one child thank so many people
than simply to spread the warmth.

Marcia McLees Bogaert

This poem was originally posted on my poetry blog, MeeAugraphie, in 2008, inspired by This Eclectic Life (Shelly’s) orchestrated drive to gather squares from crafters for her first Share A Square project to provide special afghans for children battling diseases who were attending camp.

Why am I sharing it with you on this blog, two years plus later?

Because so many of us (myself included to a point) may overlook that an afghan can be more than just something to keep cold from chilling bones… There is more to this project than just a simple afghan. These are special, the sheer number of people involved in EACH afghan alone is special, the tags, and the children’s delight in just those are enough in and of themselves… combined.

Those involved could get goosebumps…. the good kind.

If you are not familiar with it or this year’s drive to provide those afghans for children in three cancer camps, just click here for the FAQ – or look for her project on Facebook, Share a Square!

You will be so happy you did. And so will the children.

Note: updated to add link to Facebook!

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 03 Jul 2010 @ 21:45 

Schedules rule most. I think the lure of RVing for some is not so much the travel – as the lack of a restrictive schedule. There is something to say for schedules though. I have taken the lack of a schedule to the extreme since I retired early years ago. Even now, having gone back to work for/with/beside Leon, I find it hard to make my schedule less flexible. I’ve made some attempts to incorporate a schedule in my personal life, but it always becomes just another list – something I thoroughly enjoy writing, but rarely look at again. You know, like the schedule I’ve attempted several times for my blogs.

My lists may as well be blank, but then I wouldn’t have the joy in writing them.



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 01 Jun 2010 @ 23:43 

Sounds strange saying out loud how many years and I have been married. It seems like we have always been married – and yet it seems like it was … almost… yesterday.

!st Anniversary, waaaaay back then – in Key Largo, FL. Two exhausted belated honeymooners:

As some of you know, I decided a year or two ago that we would be married ninety years — we would only be one hundred and fourteen years old. I informed Leon of my decision, lol, and he agreed to go along with my plan. Assigning an end date to our marriage was not brilliant… so, I now add, “with option to renew”! Grin.

So far, so good. Day one of year thirty-seven was a good one.

We heard from the RV/solar tech! He should finish his work on Panoply this weekend. He had a family crisis – of the worst kind, and we told him to forget about our RV and use that time with his family. He did – and almost a full month later, he is one day’s work away from finishing the installation of our five (four new) solar panels, four new batteries, a controller, an inverter, etc. He is doing a few other items for us as well. It has been so long, it honestly, felt like we didn’t own an RV.

This put us way behind schedule – but humanity comes first.

(Listen up Hurricanes, we are not going to be ready to ‘run’ for at least another month. Too much more work to be done – and Leon’s clients have to take priority over building the slide out sofa bed frames, finding a sink and making it fit, and so on … and on… and on.)

May our days be filled with sun bright heart
our evenings lit by contentment’s glow
our nights silent in peaceful sleep.

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 31 Aug 2009 @ 18:46 



Originally posted on Twitter and MeeAugraphie, but since so many non-poets twitter, I wanted to post it here as well…. This is one of the few poems I did not write in real time, I started it weeks ago, didn’t like where it was going and today, tumbled across it and Muse decided to share her thoughts, guess she had dwelled on it in the recesses of my mind long enough.

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 17 Jul 2009 @ 11:44 

Hopelessness Unveiled

She sits alone
another dawn passed
another night approaching.

She no longer knows how to reach out
for her past attempts were rejected so often
her heart booted out
any hope for success.

He sits alone
another dawn passed
another night approaching.

He no longer knows how to reach out
for he never learned how
and those that reached for him met their demise
as did his hope.

But does not hope for them
lie now
with you and I?


Time, it was, for poetry, for a reminder that we can make a difference to human beings around us by mere contact. And yes, it was as much a reminder to me, as to all of you. So easy for us to get involved in our own world.

Posted By: Marcia
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