22 Jul 2009 @ 12:27 

Six! Congratulations, Leon! and Happy Birthday, Leon!

I’m going to do something really special for you, soon, in a few more minutes, as soon as I can force myself out of the chair, but you know this is sort of how it will go. (And for those that don’t know, doing the dishes is my REALLY special thing.)

I’m sitting with my feet on the table, then I put them on the floor, then Indian style. Then I twist and turn some more ’cause I sat too long. Then I force myself to get up and plug the laptop in (it’s down to 13% battery). Now, one would think, that since I got up anyway, I would walk straight to the kitchen. And I do.

But, there are dishes in the sink and when I see dishes in the sink I want to run away. So, I will probably walk in there and recoil at the sight and grab a bottle of water and then sort the laundry that I’ve already sorted, but more likely I will walk to the computer and check Leon’s email in case he’s too busy. Oh wait, that’s you. I switched tenses. Then I was going to make you a card, like usual, but I spend HOURS sifting through YouTube looking for videos you might like and then posting them on Facebook for you. But then, you rarely look at it anyway, so you normally wouldn’t see them, but I suppose I could prompt you.

I know you said to get clothes ready for dinner, but if I do that you won’t get the pleasure of ironing my clothes for me – and I couldn’t deny you that. (Hang on, I have to plug in the laptop………… OK. I’m at your desk now, I won’t mention my feet are on it.) Now, where was I?

Oh yeah, the ironing. Actually I could iron them, and I will, once I figure out which shirt to put on. Now, I know you know how long that could take since I don’t have anything for Florida hot weather anymore – although I would if I hadn’t let my arms get that old lady thing and could wear sleeveless…. But that is another issue isn’t it? I will iron yours for you, but be warned, the heat from the iron will tire me out, so a nap may be required before I get to the kitchen again – if I iron first. So, you better call before you get too close to home, so I can leap up and do them — just in case I forgot!

So you see, doing the dishes on your birthday is a selfless act. And aren’t those supposed to be the best presents of all?

Grin. Happy Birthday, Leon. You’ve made six decades and the future is yours to grab. So, my real present to you is to encourage you to grab it — and shove you a few times if you don’t move fast enough… hee hee.

Here’s your traditional birthday song:

Now, enjoy your rather strange day at work; and then we’ll have a great time at dinner with our son and daughter-in-law. Just glad you won’t have time between to dirty any dishes. Just think, when we get our RV there will be fewer dishes….

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 24 Jan 2009 @ 18:56 

What are you waiting for? You don’t want to get a reputation like me do you? As a procrastinator? As a person who’s intentions are great, but…?

I know you don’t. And I know you have little items that would make great lucky charms for kids that would hold them dear to their hearts… more dear than you can imagine in your well-educated heads, or your heads filled with nonsense, or whatever.

Remember the 140 afghans that so many people helped make and distribute to kids at Camp Sanguinity in Texas? Kids who were fighting blood diseases or cancer and/or their siblings go there in the summer to just be kids. How cool is that?! Last year, Shelly at This Eclectic Life was able to deliver those afghans because a LOT of people got off their padded posteriors (or sat on them while concentrating on something other than themselves, like knitting, crocheting, or making little cards, or even blogging or calling on other people to help).

This year she asked for a LOT less effort from all of us. I for one, have not come through yet, other than a previous post and good intentions. Good Medicine Project. Little bags less than 4×4 inches and little charms (not glass) that the kids might deem lucky (or soothing or even just downright interesting – in my mind). Now those that can’t sew or knit could find little charms and send them off to Shelly to put together. The latter is not that hard, right?

This is not about making you all feel guilty if you already knew about it. I’m carrying enough guilt for all of y’all, trust me. It’s not about not having to watch Shelly beg. Though, with her, begging could become interesting, she is a story teller — or a horror, depending, she does have a photo of her dressed as a pirate…)

It is that it is not that hard for us to do, if we just take the time. I know, perhaps, time is money, time is hard to find, time is not at your disposal. OK, you are excused. Perhaps you are way too busy, legitimately, already stuffing 29 hours in a 24 hour day – and that on 4 hours sleep. Ok, you are excused as well. You others with honest excuses, we can’t ignore you either. Excused!

But, you who are just letting it slip your mind or saying, tomorrow, tomorrow, I’ll do it tomorrow, tomorrow’s a day a way or however that song almost goes, this is your friendly reminder.

Yes, you are welcome. Click on the link above in this post. (or the Button on the left side bar. Then, tomorrow, someone, please, remind me.
Just in case I revert to the old me.

And if you are curious about the afghans because you missed out, well, there’s a button on the left to that, too… or you could just click right about here! (This link has info on both… including charm ideas…)

Posted By: Marcia
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 29 Dec 2008 @ 7:58 

I, also, sometimes, have this other thing that interferes with accomplishing things: I make plans to do something, know the date it has to be done by, think about it three weeks before and know I have plenty of time to accomplish it. Then two weeks, one week before, and maybe five days before, I note that I have I plenty of time to accomplish it — and then it is the day before, the day of, or in a worst case scenario, the day after — before the thought crosses my mind again.

It most often happens with birthdays and anniversaries. This time it happened with something I needed to do before the end of the business year. Luck still being somewhere around me, Leon remembered first thing this morning. Of course, that means, the blog posts I had started a week ago for this week, the extra day of lazing about, the other project for work I had planned to do while dog sitting, well, bye bye to those, and hello business accounting items one, two, and three. Thank goodness they won’t take too long! But then I probably should start the other ones due before the 15th. I mean it will be here before you know it, I mean, before I know it.

Perhaps y’all may want to double check your calendars, too. There’s something to be said, at times, about doing things as you remember than, drop what else you are doing and do them, well, in my case anyway.

Posted By: Marcia
Last Edit: 29 Dec 2008 @ 07:59

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