05 Mar 2009 @ 20:52 

Jeri of Jeri’s Organizing & DeCluttering News posted great links to recycling sites, everything from bicycles to clothes!

Once you have bookmarked that for your future use, scan through her blog, she is always sharing interesting items. Jeri does a lot of themed posts, such as only heart shaped or with a heart motif, or just clocks or boxes or bath tub organizers.

But enough on beautiful items, let’s, also, be beautiful inside, and share our smiles — and if we can our clothes, furniture, bicycles, and so on with those who would really appreciate it. (When I grew up my dad’s boss shared with us. I have never forgotten. Thank you, Mr. Mack.)

Jeri’s post is timely with so many people having more than they need and wanting to return to simpler times – or just downsize – and so many others no longer having money for items they may truly need. Take advantage of her research, why don’t you? And smile while you are doing it!

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 15 Dec 2008 @ 22:05 

Recycling electronics, whether giving usable ones to a friend or school, selling it or giving it away to a stranger, if possible, donating it to a recycling group that distribute them to people in need, it is all good.

The frustration comes in when you have to pay to recycle it, even though you understand the reasons. More and more counties and states are allowing drop off free of televisions, computers, and other drop offs. Starting in 2009, Washington state, the home of my heart, offers free recycling of:

  • televisions
  • computers and computer monitors
  • portable or laptop computers

For Information on their program, click here.

Many counties in Florida, the home of part of my heart, already offer free recycling of similar items and then some. Two are Miami/Dade and Broward.

My favorite information source, though, was Earth911. I found this list of computer manufacturers that will recycle. There is a wealth of other information there, as well, including a good use for our old cell phones.

Tomorrow, more on the food bank donations… Tonight, we have an idea to surprise a friend. Have to set it up! Smile, it is so worth the effort!

Posted By: Marcia
Last Edit: 15 Dec 2008 @ 22:05

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