23 May 2011 @ 16:51 


Many, if not all RVers, use at least a sediment filter on their incoming water line. Some prop it in a bucket so it does not fall over, one ingenious RVer used a PVC pipe cap attached to his bumper to set the filter in. Leon did not want to mess with Panoply’s bumper.¬†Instead, he used a bungee hooked to the window frame to hold the sediment filter off the ground. It worked fine. However, he added a carbon filter, as well, so lately he has just been using a bungie to hold both of them to the post that the water is connected to. Keeps them off the ground – and away from the RV.

We also have a good filter beneath our kitchen sink – and use a Brita for cooking and drinking. Overkill? Perhaps, but it makes us happy.

Posted By: Marcia
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 30 Nov 2010 @ 20:17 

It used to be the only friends we had, the only variety we had in people, was limited to those in near vicinity. Depending on where you lived, played, or worked – “limited” was indeed limiting. The internet has changed that more than a simple pen pal or summer romance or camp experience. It brings us together, if only via written words, with people both similar and so totally different than we are.

Some people we meet turn into long term emails or phone calls, gradually shifting to friendship. Then there is the joy of finding their ‘in person’ personae is really no different than their ‘email’ one. I’m sure that doesn’t happen all the time, but in the case of C, a woman I first met many years ago in a Barnes and Noble Internet writing class, it did.

RVing allowed us to finally meet this fall. I am so glad we did! C was just as amusing and personable she appeared to be in writing. Leon had already taken to her via my ‘stories’, his opinion remained firm when they met.

Leon and I also got to meet Barbara and her husband Earl in AZ. I had been reading Barbara’s blogs off and on for years (I do everything off and on — well except run at the mouth, that is always in the ON position.) Another fun event. They were the perfect hosts and none of us were at a loss for words – or smiles.

Both Leon and I can’t wait to go back to visit them – and our former neighbors and good friends.

Between the internet classes and blogs – and our new to us RV, Panoply… my world has expanded. I am so grateful.

Speaking of grateful. I am grateful that Barbara chose to write a blog post about Leon and I. It is here. While you are there, check out her blog – all her blogs. Worth a visit for sure!

Now, if I could only talk C into blogging!

Posted By: Marcia
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 08 Nov 2010 @ 19:36 

We are home, back at work, but kicking and screaming, so to speak. This may have been our first overnight in our RV, but we made it a L O N G overnight as we had prepared quite well. That is not to say we did not learn a bit as we went.

September 12, 2010 through November 5, 2010

I have not looked at odometer yet, but we traveled from Southeast Florida to Northwest Washington via two routes, a diagonal one going, South and East coming home.

Not only did Panoply, our 2006 Lazy Daze 26.5′ Mid Bath prove herself as the perfect RV for us, the trip proved we are RVers at heart.

We may live in a really nice rental house with perfect landlords, but Panoply replaced it as home in our hearts.

Did I say we laughed a lot?

More on our trip – and the changes we made to Panoply – to come.

- Posted using BlogPress/iPad which does not like to post my pictures correctly? OR? It was correct when it first posted…. Hmmmm.

Posted By: Marcia
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 30 Nov 2009 @ 10:02 

Everett, WA

Our RV decision wavered only briefly, but returned to Born Free or Lazy Daze, used rather than new. We may have just accelerated our date of purchase – as we are going to look at a 2006 Lazy Daze Mid Bath this week!

Posted By: Marcia
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 29 May 2009 @ 8:50 

Only the Good Friday – I have many reasons to smile. In fact, I am quite excited!

On a personal level, we are moving out of this condo with poorly designed a/c that actually pulls dust in from between the units! Hopefully, we can both breathe well next week! That alone has glued smiles to our faces, in spite of last minute rush to move – and get ready for Family Reunion in England. (oops, another smile)

But what about giving you reason to smile? I have that covered!

Some of you know we are saving to buy an RV to travel between WA and FL, FL and WA and so on. So, I spend a bit too much time reading the posts of RVers, grin, but I also discover things about non-RV life, I mean, they do face normal life challenge and vacations, just in a home they can easily uproot!

One blog leads to another, as y’all are aware. One such trail led to Our Life on Wheels, which in itself had photographs worth viewing and blog posts worth reading, y’all! So stop by.

They, also, led me to true excitement, ’cause y’all know I love and do see the good in people, even though the “expects-everyone-ELSE-to-be-perfect-perfectionist” hidden within me gripes about teeny things.

As this was Memorial Day week, with much talk of heroes past and present, I am excited to call our attention to a site Jerry and Suzy linked to. It falls right in line with Only the Good! It is Today’s Hero. Everyday heroes. Don’t miss clicking through!

Check them out, send in stories of your own, share. It is Only the Good Friday – and Shelly at This Eclectic Life is trying to get us all to join in to share the virus of optimism! Add yours today! (Oh, no, today she is talking about food! One of my favorites!)


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