23 Dec 2010 @ 21:43 

I knit a bit and make hats on the round plastic looms – occasionally, but I’ve decided to learn to crochet – I had crocheted an edging on a knit bikini about 40 years ago and that is it!

I played with the yarn the other day, my friend gave me one tip and I managed to make a tiny square to practice. I relaxed. I had fun trying. Perhaps, the time is just right.

The real reason I want to learn, though, is to ReVise and ReVitalize my life – start giving more – and relax at the same time. How? By teaching myself a simple skill that will allow me to make a few squares for Share A Square! If you aren’t sure what Share A Square is, just click here for Shelly Kneupper Tucker’s FAQ page on how you can help or here on the Facebook page where she posts regularly to update on how many squares have been sent in so far.

Today I waded through video after video on YouTube. I found a few that were quite helpful. The two below are the ones I decided to follow along with, I like the camera angles on these – I can see what they are doing.

There are so many others out there! So much can be learned via YouTube.

Wish me luck! But, more importantly, please pass on the links for Share A Square – after you have read them!

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 09 Nov 2010 @ 22:59 


The Afghan

Tucked gently
it brings warmth -
and timeless safety
from the cold reality
(of the moment).

They may need safety a bit longer


watch them wear afghan capes in battle,
fly afghan flags of victory,


huddle beneath afghan tents
and shine flashlights
toward the ceiling
in awe at their created patterns
that rival stars dancing above
a dark country road


tomorrow they may just toss it aside

though first, I’d bet,

they will wear a crooked grin
and drape it over someone’s BIG cold feet
for what better way can one child thank so many people
than simply to spread the warmth.

Marcia McLees Bogaert

This poem was originally posted on my poetry blog, MeeAugraphie, in 2008, inspired by This Eclectic Life (Shelly’s) orchestrated drive to gather squares from crafters for her first Share A Square project to provide special afghans for children battling diseases who were attending camp.

Why am I sharing it with you on this blog, two years plus later?

Because so many of us (myself included to a point) may overlook that an afghan can be more than just something to keep cold from chilling bones… There is more to this project than just a simple afghan. These are special, the sheer number of people involved in EACH afghan alone is special, the tags, and the children’s delight in just those are enough in and of themselves… combined.

Those involved could get goosebumps…. the good kind.

If you are not familiar with it or this year’s drive to provide those afghans for children in three cancer camps, just click here for the FAQ – or look for her project on Facebook, Share a Square!

You will be so happy you did. And so will the children.

Note: updated to add link to Facebook!

Posted By: Marcia
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 07 Nov 2010 @ 0:39 

Then please, crochet a simple 6 inch square or several. Share A Square is creating afghans for three different camps, as Shelly puts it, “to blanket kids fighting cancer with our love.”

if you don’t crochet there are other ways to get involved. The simplest is to share the project information with others.

Please read about it here: Share A Square 2010.

Such a simple way to bring a smile to a child’s face.

Posted By: Marcia
Last Edit: 07 Nov 2010 @ 00:39

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 24 Jan 2009 @ 18:56 

What are you waiting for? You don’t want to get a reputation like me do you? As a procrastinator? As a person who’s intentions are great, but…?

I know you don’t. And I know you have little items that would make great lucky charms for kids that would hold them dear to their hearts… more dear than you can imagine in your well-educated heads, or your heads filled with nonsense, or whatever.

Remember the 140 afghans that so many people helped make and distribute to kids at Camp Sanguinity in Texas? Kids who were fighting blood diseases or cancer and/or their siblings go there in the summer to just be kids. How cool is that?! Last year, Shelly at This Eclectic Life was able to deliver those afghans because a LOT of people got off their padded posteriors (or sat on them while concentrating on something other than themselves, like knitting, crocheting, or making little cards, or even blogging or calling on other people to help).

This year she asked for a LOT less effort from all of us. I for one, have not come through yet, other than a previous post and good intentions. Good Medicine Project. Little bags less than 4×4 inches and little charms (not glass) that the kids might deem lucky (or soothing or even just downright interesting – in my mind). Now those that can’t sew or knit could find little charms and send them off to Shelly to put together. The latter is not that hard, right?

This is not about making you all feel guilty if you already knew about it. I’m carrying enough guilt for all of y’all, trust me. It’s not about not having to watch Shelly beg. Though, with her, begging could become interesting, she is a story teller — or a horror, depending, she does have a photo of her dressed as a pirate…)

It is that it is not that hard for us to do, if we just take the time. I know, perhaps, time is money, time is hard to find, time is not at your disposal. OK, you are excused. Perhaps you are way too busy, legitimately, already stuffing 29 hours in a 24 hour day – and that on 4 hours sleep. Ok, you are excused as well. You others with honest excuses, we can’t ignore you either. Excused!

But, you who are just letting it slip your mind or saying, tomorrow, tomorrow, I’ll do it tomorrow, tomorrow’s a day a way or however that song almost goes, this is your friendly reminder.

Yes, you are welcome. Click on the link above in this post. (or the Button on the left side bar. Then, tomorrow, someone, please, remind me.
Just in case I revert to the old me.

And if you are curious about the afghans because you missed out, well, there’s a button on the left to that, too… or you could just click right about here! (This link has info on both… including charm ideas…)

Posted By: Marcia
Last Edit: 24 Jan 2009 @ 18:56

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 19 Sep 2008 @ 7:22 

Let’s talk lucky charms today. No, not the cereal, that stuff has never crossed my lips into my stomach. I prefer non-sugar filled, no artificial sweetener filled cereals.

Let’s talk of charms that bring their owner luck. Some people believe very strong in carrying items around with them to either bring them luck or those all important smiles and good thoughts. They may just toss it in their pocket with their loose change, fold it neatly and put in their wallet, or lose it in the cavernous depths of their purse.

Others seem to use their entire house as a collector of memories and good thoughts, with stuff they have gathered over the years in every nook and cranny.

Now, whichever way they are kept, some items (lucky charms) are found, many are carefully picked out, and many received from others. And, guess what, we can all be the others!

Shelly, yes, the same Shelly who started and worked extremely hard at Share A Square for an entire year, has come up with another way for us to show the children that attend Camp Sanguinity that others care about them. And you don’t have to knit or crochet this time or sew (but they are needed, too!!). It is called, “The Good Medicine Project”.

All you have to do is find a small, not so fragile, item that feels special, and send them to Shelly to put in little hand made medicine bags for the kids. A little note or poem would be great to tag each one.

Now, I am one of those people that says, “HUH? What do I send as a charm?” I guess I am a little slow in that department, but you guys aren’t. And, besides, Shelly gives you examples of some of the special tiny items she had at her own home that were special to her, but she is given them up for the kids. So, let me send you other to her post. This is something ANYONE can do, the only real money involved is postage to mail a tiny object… ’cause most of these things can be found objects — no bigger than a half dollar.

Just think, these kids might start looking around their environments and find a token to add of their own to create new memories. Click here:

Posted By: Marcia
Last Edit: 19 Sep 2008 @ 14:50

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