13 Dec 2008 @ 15:19 

Please note: Shelly’s server is down, so I cannot get a couple of links, I need to properly do this post, but I wanted y’all to know the results, because we are all so excited. I will update them later today or tomorrow!)

An idea cannot become a reality unless people put it in place. And, though one person can make a difference, it takes others to make that difference affect many. A group of Vancouver photographers began a movement to donate to their local food banks, Cans for Comments on their websites/blogs.

As most of you have already read, Shelly at ThisEclecticLife.com saw it and could not resist doing her part. I played tag along the last two days and offered to match her can numbers and comments on my blog, since I didn’t have as large a following. She, her usual generous self, offered to match mine as well. She found two other non-bloggers to match her total donation – and I approached our son and daughter-in-law to both match my total donation…

It probably seemed a miniscule thing at the time.

Not now!

SEVEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY CANS. That is a lot of cans. That is 360 donated to a food bank in TEXAS and 360 donated to a food bank in FLORIDA. That is just because of your comments on Shelly’s blogs and my blogs. That does not count the many others who have donated cans from comments on their blogs!

This is people working together. This is community. This is friends. This is family. Community is family; family is community.

Thank you to every single one of you involved in any way. It wouldn’t have gotten done without you, especially on my end… I procrastinate, even, at times, on giving. You helped me force my hand. Pictures will follow the coming week! You will see your results.

This means a lot fewer hungry tummies.

Man, it is a great day! Let’s do this again!

Posted By: Marcia
Last Edit: 13 Dec 2008 @ 15:19

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 11 Dec 2008 @ 9:04 

There is a movement this holiday season, that makes it easy for you to give to those who need. Bloggers are offering to donate a can of food to their local food banks for every comment they get. Shelly’s comments need to be made between now and tomorrow. Please, comment, there, and she has links to other bloggers who are doing it as well. There are quite a few now. I’m going to spend as much time commenting on their blogs as I can.

Also, if you comment here, I will add cans to the money donation we were already giving this coming week to Food Banks here. PLUS, for every can Shelly donates from comments, I am going to donate that many more to our Food Banks because: She started this sooner and has more readers, so it allows me more reasons to donate! Click one or both of the links below to read her latest posts on it:

UPDATE: Our son and daughter-in-law are donating a can for every can from comments on my blog or Shelly’s blog as well!

Blogging is awesome! Let’s help feed people.

Posted By: Marcia
Last Edit: 11 Dec 2008 @ 09:14

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 12 Nov 2008 @ 10:47 

Some of you know, Leon and I won two tickets to our choice of venues for the Celtic Thunder Concert from a contest Shelly had at This Eclectic Life. Thank you, Shelly!

We drove an hour to get there in rain — and it was worth it.– (Keep in mind, I don’t LIKE driving in the rain or even on interstates particularly, especially after being side-swiped by a semi months ago – and it was still worth it!)

That “free concert” cost us 20 dollars to park, 23 dollars in french fries, water, and beer; 20 dollars on a CD; and 80 dollars for two comfy sweatshirt jackets…. but we could have not spent anything and wouldn’t have if we went out all the time.

(A bit like our “free tickets” in Seattle to the last preseason game at Safeco Field.)

The concert, though, was awesome. Leon and I, between us, have some directing, acting, dancing, and choreography experience behind us, so, true to ourselves, we found ourselves critiquing some, rather than just enjoying. Whatever sound problems they had at the beginning, they solved, and we fell into roles of audience and just enjoyed.

I found it amusing that the youngest singer, Damian, brought smiles to Leon’s face when he sang “Puppy Love” and, I think, “Young Love”.

“Danny Boy” was a favorite for Leon; he was raised in England. Their live version was much better than what is on the CD.

So, though Damian did a wonderful job singing “Puppy Love”, I give you instead, “Danny Boy”, sung at the St. Patrick’s Day parade in New York. It shows them all off.

My favorite moments had to be the three drummers alternating among themselves, I am drawn to the primal, Leon says – and… “Ireland’s Call”. Oh my gosh, it was a moment I will remember. They performed it flawlessly and I think without exception, the entire audience was drawn into the song. The videos on You Tube do not capture it, they just don’t, but here it is:

They have concert dates through mid December. It made a nice date night for us. I would do it again.

Now, I have to catch up on work, my modem is working for now, and then there is material to cut for the Good Medicine Project. Have a great music filled day, y’all.

Posted By: Marcia
Last Edit: 12 Nov 2008 @ 10:47

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 17 Oct 2008 @ 11:54 

Way back I started posting photos on Sundays on Tumbled Words for you to practice searching for the good. It may have been a beautiful stretch of  landscape with trash on it, whatever I could come up with.  I finally stopped doing it. I am organized and then totally not, must be my biorythm… but I have keep searching for good and often find it. Today is a day I haven’t had to search, it is just there!

Two bloggers who have greatly influenced my life are Shelly and Chris. Chris was my catalyst to try blogging, I had never even seen one, she encouraged me to write. Shelly has given me the incentive to step outside my comfort zone, and encouragement.  I thought for months about bringing back Only the Good on Sundays and didn’t, then wrote a post or two. While my minds was working all that out, Chris started blogging again – all with an underlying theme of spying the good. Shelly started Only The Good Friday, her version, just about anything goes but it better be good.

Today I celebrate. Good is multiplying — and I must point you in the movement toward it:

This Eclectic Life AND Spying the Good

Good is multiplying, whether it be summer heat fading, or hearts warming up, it is multiplying. Hang on, it could be a fun ride out here in the world of blogs, and we all know what is here can spread out to those that don’t have the opportunity to share everyday with the world.

And if you still need practice finding the good in the maze, revisit my Only the Good Sunday posts and practice hunting.

Posted By: Marcia
Last Edit: 17 Oct 2008 @ 11:54

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 16 Oct 2008 @ 13:54 

Irritating: I was on the phone with Apple Support again – about my precious laptop that is not backed up (yet) anywhere. Decision: take it in when the other one is finally fixed (Saturday night, in theory, they are “short-handed”) and have tests run.

Yucky: I finally ate a few minutes ago, but have the headache already. Bah Humbug.

Frustrating: I can’t get anything done on the computer, have to keep powering it down. Yes, it could be something as simple as a corrupted file, but finding it is another thing yet. I’m now keeping a log. AND THE SERVERS OR GREMLINS OR ??? KEEP KNOCKING BLOGS OFF LINE. Shelly’s host is not the same as mine and we are both having issues. I know we are not alone. How do businesses manage?

Good: We were told we might get our new windows in both rooms in about four weeks. Maybe then our electric bill will only be high instead of sky high.

GREAT: I won something great! Shelly of This Eclectic Life had a contest. I was one of three winners of tickets to go see Celtic Thunder in concert. Leon and I now have an excuse to go on a date! I do recall we used to do that – I mean other than just grabbing a quick dinner or hunkering in for American Idol or Ally McBeal, and half the time forgetting to have date night snacks available.

Now, I get ready for a date, how? No worries, I have plenty of time to figure that out. We aren’t going yet. Besides, maybe my daughter-in-law will remind me how. She’s only been married three years, it’s still a recent memory for her.

THANK YOU, SHELLY, FOR HOLDING THE CONTEST. I’m smiling now, not even going to think about the first part of this post, well, maybe just a reminder to back up our computers, all of us.

Posted By: Marcia
Last Edit: 16 Oct 2008 @ 17:56

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