23 Dec 2010 @ 21:43 

I knit a bit and make hats on the round plastic looms – occasionally, but I’ve decided to learn to crochet – I had crocheted an edging on a knit bikini about 40 years ago and that is it!

I played with the yarn the other day, my friend gave me one tip and I managed to make a tiny square to practice. I relaxed. I had fun trying. Perhaps, the time is just right.

The real reason I want to learn, though, is to ReVise and ReVitalize my life – start giving more – and relax at the same time. How? By teaching myself a simple skill that will allow me to make a few squares for Share A Square! If you aren’t sure what Share A Square is, just click here for Shelly Kneupper Tucker’s FAQ page on how you can help or here on the Facebook page where she posts regularly to update on how many squares have been sent in so far.

Today I waded through video after video on YouTube. I found a few that were quite helpful. The two below are the ones I decided to follow along with, I like the camera angles on these – I can see what they are doing.

There are so many others out there! So much can be learned via YouTube.

Wish me luck! But, more importantly, please pass on the links for Share A Square – after you have read them!

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 07 Aug 2009 @ 17:54 

Only the Good Friday, a meme from This Eclectic Life, started by Shelly’s desire to incite us! No, not to riot, though that is a more appropriate use of the word incite! She wants us to drop our daily blah, angst, downward spiral, anger, etc.. and post about good. Well, I’ve been lax at posting… bad, but only ’cause I was lost elsewhere in good….. Today, I am supposed to be working (yes, I like it, ONCE I GET STARTED!), but I had to check my twitter just once more, since I’ve been using it for a quick poetry outlet lately.

Twitter has become a quick source of inspiration for me – and practice at fewer words! (Yes, I need more practice.) More and more while in a hurry lately, I have spent time reading or tweeting. And just as one blog leads to another to yet another and a great discovery, a tweeter’s poetry prompt led me to tweet a Haiku or Senryu, which led a poet to my tweets, and following that person led me to this musician he was following.

I LOVE Pinstripe 45′s voice, the tone, the song. I get so excited when I discover a musician that evokes emotion.

So, my thought for Only the Good Friday: Make life your ‘recreational vehicle’: share, discover, indulge, feel, breathe, be, and SING! (And, of course, blog and tweet.)

Want to read what others came up with? Might surprise you. Click here for Shelly’s Only the Good Friday post and links to others who had something good to say today, as she is “spinning out of control”. or click icon below for explanation of Only the Good Friday.

What is your good?

If it’s not your music taste, well, while you are on YouTube, why not just randomly click on an artist or ? Most of you will like him, though, I think.


 06 Jan 2009 @ 8:03 

YouTube debut, as in my debut. Leon had his last month when we went to Bush Gardens, coming into view at 2:12 for his ad lib on Roller Coaster Girl. That one really needs to be watched in High Quality though, and I think you have to click on the video and go to YouTube for that and then click just beneath the video. This is Leon’s debut last month:

I previously mentioned that over New Year’s we “played” at my brothers. Well, I tried my hand at “acting” again, something I do NOT do well. However, I think I may have done a decent job on this role, too decent, I show up several times. I won’t tell you that telling someone off just came naturally, ’cause then you would know might believe I am capable in real life of being like that. I also won’t tell you that I did that “out of nowhere” on my own in the middle of his just filming other things — for the same reasons, of course.

My debut today:

So, in the theme of Bill’s new song and video, I won’t “tell you what to do”. So, watch it or not, “whatever you want to”. And just be glad I did not video myself trying to play the iPhone Pocket Guitar….

Note, if you are returning, the second video is an updated of the one originally posted. Best viewed in HD.

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