Who Are We?


Today we purchased Panoply

Leon and Marcia.

I am the primary writer. Leon keeps saying he wants to blog…

I am a woman heading toward 114, if I have my way – and I usually do, if only to a point.

Married over 37 years – so far. He, an actor; I, a poet/writer, though we probably have assimilated enough of each other over the years to switch roles on a whim. We are, as of 04/21/11, full time RVers, and though content with life as is, also, willing to live it in a new way on any given day, knowing that happiness can be found, grabbed, and worn in many ways.

We cannot control others’ lives, only our own. . . but we can set an example. . . well, when we remember.

We are parents of one awesome son, in-laws of a great daugter-in-law, almost grandparents of the ‘perfect’ granddaughter, and aunt and uncle of some pretty awesome nieces and nephews. Yep, we have brothers and/or sisters, too. We even like them.

We are as human as the next, as full of good, not so good, and who knows what else. We have learned to believe dreams can be lived, they just may take a bit of work to obtain… and, like many other people, we had to figure out which dreams were our dreams and which were those of others we had borrowed only temporarily from others.

Well, we have it figured out now! And we are going headlong into adventure. Hope to see you wherever your adventures and ours cross.

The following is currently in progress, hopefully will not take as long as road work!

Marcia believes, in part (incomplete)

  • Change is good
  • Blogging (Or speaking) only good once a week, at least, is healthy
  • All should have the right to the civil rights of marriage, jobs, education
  • No matter how worded or in what language, this phrase appears to be the true basis of all religion: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”
  • You have the right to share your views, but I have the right to not listen if you are forcing them on me
  • I have an obligation to investigate your views before denouncing them, as I could be proven wrong

Leon believes, in part (really incomplete!) OK, he believes that at times I have lost my mind, have too much spare time (or rather make too much), come up with too many ideas, am brilliant at times… (Hey, Leon, if you would come to the blog, you could make this your real thoughts!)

Date Posted: 11 Sep 2007 @ 13:12
Last Modified: 20 Nov 2011 @ 10:28
Posted By: Marcia

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  1. john says:

    You know, I see one problem with an RV. You can’t completely reconfigure the interior at will every six months like you can with, say, a house that has no inside load-bearing walls. But other than that, it seems like a good idea to me.

    John – Are you quite sure it was a full six months between reconfigurations? We almost finalized it, you know… but the universe had other plans.

    May not be able to change walls in an RV, but we can drive those walls to a new location. Besides, we never got to practice changing views much back then, other than a few feet of walls. – M

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